Pegasus at Label Suisse Festival

Did you know that there are over 60 free concerts at 10 different locations during the Label Suisse Festival in Lausanne? In addition to many to us unknown bands, Marius Bär, Andrea Bignasca, The Gardener And The Tree and Evelinn Trouble also performed. And because of Pegasus’ performance we actually went back to Lausanne.

Discover great places and experience beautiful moments

Concert visits are not only the musicians and their shows, but also travelling and discovering beautiful places. Well, that it is nice at the lake in Lausanne as we already knew before. It wasn’t our first visit to Lausanne and Bastian Baker keeps posting the beautiful sunsets on his social media channels 😉 So we got ourselves an ice cream before our concert and sat down for the sunset at the lake promenade of Ouchy-Lausanne. It was amazing and so kitschy.

Last Openair performance at the Label Suisse Festival

Four years after their last participation at the Label Suisse Festival, Pegasus were back on Place Central and thrilled a big audience at their last Openair of the year. Okay, honestly, compared to the other concerts this summer (Pegasus at Thunfest) or the concert at Les Docks at the beginning of the year (Pegasus at Les Docks), the vibes weren’t that great and thrilling this time. But that doesn’t mean we didn’t have fun 😉

Ear worms and favourite moments

Pegasus started with “Symptoms” the shorter festival set, which lasted about 1 hour and of course included hits like “Technology”, “Skyline” and the beautiful “Get Over You”. The latter was still in my ear when we were already on the train back home. But my favourite moment was once more when the three of them sat down at their respective instruments and sang “Metropolitans” together.

Dear Pegasus, you surely have a good live recording of the song somewhere for release? ♥

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