Pegasus at Les Docks Lausanne

The left foot was more wet than the right one. Why did it just have to rain in Lausanne at this time? Fortunately, the doors opened only 5 minutes later. On the right side Starticket and box office, on the left Fnac and Petzi tickets: Of course not everyone was going to get it right. Well, everything not too bad. I was annoyed for a completely different reason.


Pegasus played the last tour concert at Les Docks Lausanne that evening. Since I had been on this tour only in Bern, I definitively wanted to take this with me. An additional plus was that the tickets for Les Docks, different to the other shows, actually cost less than CHF 23.00. I mean wow! Yes, the composition of the ticket prices has to be understood. I know there are many factors involved, but what are they doing differently in French-speaking part of Switzerland than in German-speaking one?

Camera ban

I was really looking forward to this concert, but when I got into the location, I was pretty much annoyed. They banned my pocket camera and had to leave it with them til after the concert. Mobile phones were ok, I was assured. A complete photo ban, ok, but what’s the sense of this? And no, I didn’t know about the camera ban before. Plus, when I wanted to know, where they will put my camera, they seemed not even to try to understand me, even I tried my best to speak French.

So, I also need a better mobile phone! The iphone camera is just not good enough. Suggestions?

I wondered, why I was even annoyed about it, but yes – next time it won’t be any different.

Great support from Valais

Luckily the support act was great and quickly made everything better again! I was absolutely thrilled.

This evening JulDem played before Pegasus.

As I had seen online in advance, most of the Bastian Baker band was also part of his band. Sure no guarantee that I would like the kind of music, but it was great to see the guys on stage again.

I had already read from Julien Pellaud aka JulDem and certainly heard him at least once. The Valais took part in the MyCokeMusic Soundcheck Contest last year. Simon at the keys, Nathan on the drums and Joris on the guitar I just knew from Bastian Baker’s band. Even the bass player I must have seen somewhere before? Well, anyway, the musician was not really present to me.

As the band entered the stage and started the first song, we were incredibly curious about what awaited us. JulDem’s voice is powerful and soulful. With the groovy melodies, a mix of pop, soul and hip hop with some electronic influences it was really fun to listen to him. His lyrics are profound and have their meaning. With his relaxed, likable nature, the musician had the audience immediately on his side. The Clue: He even speaks Swiss German. 😉

For almost an hour, they played songs like “You Got Power”, “The World Goes Down” or “What Have We Done”. So I was a bit disappointed after the concert, that there was no album of him available (just yet?).

Pegasus once again created good vibes

Pegasus kicked off their concert with “Symptoms”. They played the same setlist as in Bern. So I was already looking forward to the encore. 😉 But the whole concert was really good and nice. The location was crowded. If it was not completely sold out, it was definitely very close. Actually the location is quite good: Upstairs you can access the balcony and the stage has a good height.

From the beginning the vibes were great. The audience on the one hand a bit more restrained than expected, sang along loudly. Compared to the last few concerts, the average age may have seemed a bit higher.

Did I imagine this or did Noah speak in French more than usual in German? Was it at the presentation of the band or various stories in the middle of the audience, he had much to tell. Luckily he did not speak too fast, so even I understood most of it. 😉

Almost half of the setlist consisted of the songs from the new album “Beautiful Life”. I still think they sound so much better live than on the album. Next to the new songs like “Frozen River”, “Days of No Reply”, “This world is not my home” or “God knows”, of course the old hits like “Rise Up”, “Technology” or “Streets Of My Hometown ” were played.

In about the middle of the concert the trio went into the audiene for “Man on Mars” and practically positioned themselves almost exactly at our height. When we then allowed ourselves to sit on the edge of the stage, we had the perfect view.

Noah then continued with “Skyline”, while Gabriel and Stefan delivered a drum battle back on stage. So Pegasus completed their actual set with “Skyline”, but of course not without adding a detailed encore.

My personal tour highlight

It just started with my top highlight on this tour: Metropolitans. Already back in Bern “Metropolitans” topped just everything. For the song Gabriel and Noah each sat down behind a keyboard and sang it in a duet. Stefan supporting them on the drums later in the song.

Everyone knows that Noah is a great singer. But you hear Gäbu too little in the foreground. He should take on more lead parts. After all he used to sing “Touch The Ground”, “The Great Unknown” or even “My Own Sattelite”.

Just the way “Metropolitan” builds up, along with melody and lyrics … It was my favorite on the album from the beginning. And I like the song even more in this live version. Goosebumps all over! ♥

On “Metropolitans” the current single “Get Over You” followed. I’m just saying, that’s the absolute top-combination! I do not know how they will top that in the future. 😀

Spontaneous music guest

The whole evening we had in mind, if Bastian Baker was at home (he is from Lausanne), then he would certainly be there. It turned out, however, that he was already in Lenzerheide, where he had a performance the next day. But we soon discovered Stress in the backstage area.
Oh, we should have thought of him, too. After all, last December Noah was  also on stage at Stress’s JRZ gig. Spontaneously Noah brought him on stage for “Elle”. It possibly was really spontaneous, because as Stress messed up his rap part, he very quickly left the stage again. 😉 Ha! Love it, when bands and musician visit each other on stage.

At the end ‘back to the roots’

With “Last Night on Earth” and “I Take It All” the official setlist was over, but with some rock’n’roll it was all back to the roots. So the band finally said goodbye to the Lausanne audience after “That’s All Right Mama” and “Rock n Roll Music”. Especially “Rock n Roll Music” brought a great final, even Simon is actually missing in this.

But the band seems happy on this tour and in the new band composition, again full of energy and up for action. I am glad that we can continue seeing them and hopefully many more Pegasus concerts will be added.


After the concert there was a signing by Pegasus. However, the crew of Les Docks was obviously eager to quit as quickly as possible and wanted to have the people out of the location . If we had not insisted that we were still passing by the band at the merch stand, they would have put us out of the door much sooner. The concerts were really great, but this evening still doesn’t want me to go back to Les Docks any time soon.

On tour with Art On Ice

By the way, Pegasus will be on tour with “Art On Ice” next month and in the summer some Openair’s [Etziken and Lichtensteig are already known] will follow. Of course, we hope that the “Beautiful Life” club tour will continue in fall.

Who’s been on this tour? What was your highlight?


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