Pegasus back at Thunfest

The program on this first day of Thunfest was a bit crazy. That means, actually I wanted to see all bands. But as they were playing at the same time on The Rathausplatz and the Waisenhausplatz, this was unfortunately not possible. So I had to make a decision. But honestly, even if it hurt a little in my heart not to see the others, it was clear that day:

It was my 60th time to see Pegasus live and this “at home” in Thun. So I couldn’t and wouldn’t have wanted to miss this Pegasus concert. Splitting up was also simply not possible in this case. The fan heart wants what it wants 😉

“What, seen 60 Pegasus concerts?” you’re wondering. Why do you go to see this band so often? Well,

  • I really like their music (most of the time 😉 )
  • they are a great live band and their concerts are fun
  • they are nice guys
  • it’s fun (since July 2009 – almost 10 years already!) to follow their development

Then there are a few points that apply to concerts in general. I won’t list them all 😉

6 years later

On their Beautiful Life Festival tour, Pegasus stopped at the Thunfest exactly six years later, where they once again managed to thrill and electrify their audience. So you just think about, what has actually happened with the band since this performance in 2012?

[Pegasus at Thunfest 08.08.2009] / [Pegasus at Thunfest 10.08.2012]

Since their Swiss Olympic song “Skyline” went to No 1 in the Swiss charts on the same weekend, Pegasus have experienced a lot and steadily gained popularity.

  • 2012 first No. 1 in the Swiss charts with “Skyline
  • In 2013 their song “Skyline” was voted “Best Hit National” at the Swiss Music Awards.
  • In November 2013 Pegasus were supporting British band “Hurts” on tour in Germany, Austria and Switzerland
  • Pegasus went on tour in Germany in February 2014.
  • In March 2014 they released the album “Love & Gunfire” (no. 2 in Swiss charts).
  • In 2015 their song “I Take It All” was voted “Best Hit National” at Swiss Music Awards.
  • Pegasus played several concerts in Asia in 2015.
  • In January 2016, founding member guitarist Simon Spahr announced his retirement from the band. In April they played their last concert together at the Snowpenair (read here).
  • 2017 Pegasus released the album “Beautiful Life” (No. 5 in Swiss charts)

Rathausplatz was bursting at the seams

Rathausplatz was practically overrun and even had to be closed for half an hour.  Good, if one had decided in the early evening to simply stay on Rathausplatz. With Josua Romano (read here) or Nickless in advance, that was a great program.

Pegasus kicked off the show with the catchy “Symptoms” and started a great concert evening in a good mood. Actually I hadn’t expected too much from this concert evening, because at the audience in Thun one or the other band has already bitten their teeth out. Nickless, who performed in front of Pegasus that evening, also seemed to have to make quite an effort to get the Thun audience going. Pegasus, on the other hand, seemed to succeed with ease. The audience was great: Clapping, jumping, swinging arms and lights… The little fans sat on their parents’ shoulders and beamed all over their faces.

It went on with the new “Fragments” just as energetically, before frontman Noah sat down behind the keyboard for the well-known “Rise Up” and it became a bit calmer. Every single one of the audience already seemed to sing along at the top of their voices. As they continued rhythmically with “Lost To Be Found”, after “Technology” was much wilder again. While “God Knows”, where Noah and bassist GĂ€bu got together and shared a microphone, it was already relaxed again. And so it went on with “Streets Of My Hometown” and “This World Is Not My Home”. Only with “Digital Kids” did not only the band really step on the gas again, but also the text-safe audience.  Noah liked to fool around with the audience in between, making jokes and remarks. He told a story once in a while and seemed to have a lot of fun. He also made the security sweat a little when he got on the speakers every now and then to be closer to the audience.

Make room for Pegasus

At the end of “Days Of No Reply” Pegasus dared to go among the audience as a trio. I almost thought they might have ruled that out. The Rathausplatz was so crowded and there seemed to be hardly any getting through. Well, of course the people made room for the band. First the trio placed themselves to the left of the fountain to play an acoustic version of “Man On Mars”. While GĂ€bu and BrØnner played a drum battle back on stage, Noah moved a bit more to the right. There he started “Skyline”, which he finished back on stage with the whole band.

The concert was then already getting to the encore. GĂ€bu and Noah both sat down on a keyboard for the beautiful live version of “Metropolitans”. I liked the album version of the song, but this live version has become my absolute Pegasus favourite and I can listen to it in endless loops (I actually sometimes do 😉 ). GĂ€bu should really sing lead parts more often again. Compared to the past, this has become far too rare. That’s too bad! Emotionally but energetically it went on with “Get Over You”, before Pegasus made the whole place jump wildly again with “Last Night On Earth”. Like it’s just the last day…..

Best concert in a long time

The concert evening ended with their “I Take It All”, which was voted “Best Hit National” in 2015. Guitar on his back, Noah again cheered everyone on to go along and sing loudly. One last time you saw arms and lights swaying before Pegasus released the thrilled Thun audience into the night.

I personally found the concert to be really really successful, others who had seen most of the shows before even thought that it was the best in a long time. Qualitatively from the sound and how it was played, but also how the audience participated. Wow, and that at the Thuner Stadtfest ♄


  1. Symptoms
  2. Fragments
  3. Rise Up
  4. Lost To Be Found
  5. Technology
  6. God Knows
  7. Streets Of my Hometown
  8. This World Is Not My Home
  9. Digital Kids
  10. Days Of No Reply
  11. Man on Mars  (in Publikum)
  12. Drum Battle
  13. SkylineZugabe:
  14. Metropolitans
  15. Get Over You
  16. Last Night On Earth
  17. I Take It All

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