Radio Swiss Pop on Tour

My concert Saturday started relaxed in Bern. Radio Swisspop was on tour. On the occassion of the presentation of their new logo, jingle and website the radio station did a 10 days tour with stop in 8 different cities – Basel, Bern, St. Gallen, Chur, Lugano, Luzern, Lausanne and Zurich. Part of it for the most stops was Kunz with his band. I didn’t want to miss this. And Nils Burri was also part of it.

Such a wonderful sunny day. On Waisenhausplatz in Bern they put up a small movable stage – decorated with colorful balloons, information and a small safe. If you got the right code, you could take the DAB radio in it home with you. And no, I wasn’t lucky.

People came and went again. As soon as someone was playing on the stage though, everyone stopped curiously. So during the soundcheck of Kunz, you could get a little taste of what was following after 2 pm at the actuall concert. They played only a few songs, a showcase for about 30mins. But quickly there were good vibes and some even let themselves carry away for a little dance during “Schwedinne”. Then there was a short interview with Radio Swisspop and he did a signing.

After a short stage change the same by Nils Burri trio. they played some songs from the album “Maybe Someday”. The night before we only have been at the concert in Thun. Even it wasn’t long ago yet, Nils had a little mess with the places. Well, rockstars…?!

Among others they played “Next Generation”

I hoped that I’d meet From Kid, because they were in town that day. But they played somewhere totally different. It was a great afternoon in Bern. But of course that wasn’t enough. I was off then to Frutigen to see Red Shoes and Undiscovered Soul…

[Photos Kunz] | [Photos Nils Burri]
[Videos Kunz] | [Videos Nils Burri]


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