Red Shoes at Clochard Jeans Store Thun

Saturday afternoon there was a little different concert: Themed “Music meets Fashion” Red Shoes didn’t play in an usual concert location, but in a clothing shop. Shopping and listening great music with it, what do you want more on an autumn Saturday afternoon?

© Clochard Jeans Store
© Clochard Jeans Store

In the shop corner Red Shoes hat put up their instruments. 1 pm was a little early for musician, esp. as they had played at Kofmehl in Solothurn the night before. That’s why they started their first set a little more quite with a more “smooth” version of “Light my Fire”. A little jazzy etc. Very cool!

During four short sets in the afternoon the Thun band played its songs from their two albums “Honey Bach City” and “Two Very Different Animals”. Four special sets just for this event. These were songs as “Light My Fire”, “Honeyrose”, “Ready Again” or “Small Town boy”. With every set they played different songs, except of “California” what they played twice. But that was legitimate as it’s their hit after all and it was played often on the radio. Can only agree.

Inbetween Clochard Jeans Store invited to look around and shop in the store. The whole day there was a discount on the purchases. In a competition you could win CDs of the band as well as vouchers for the store. Who didn’t feel like shopping (or simply had no budget for it, as I), could sit down at the bar or make themselves comfortable outside the door in the seats, drink something and also get some nibbles. It was a quite sunny and mild day, a super jovial afternoon in the middle of Thun so.

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