Rival Kings at Amboss Rampe Zurich

On this Saturday evening the 2nd edition of “Groovapaloosa” at Amboss Rampe in Zurich took place. And no, I hadn’t been to the first one and so didn’t know what to expect. But it’s some kind of party / concert event. Two bands and a DJ were playing. We of course went there only because of our favourite Luzern band Rival Kings. “We”, that means me and two friends. It was’t exactly my favourite event, but I still was pretty much hyped afterwards.

Last time I’ve seen Rival Kings in October in Solothurn. So after 2,5 months it wastime to attend a concert by them again. Their albums (“Citizens” and esp. “War“) are still playing up and down, and I already missed their concerts. Well, the last times I couldn’t take part, because either I was up to something else already, they played too far away too late or they had to cancel the concert cos of illness. So I was looking forward to the show at Amobss Rampe enormously.

Okay to admit, in the morning I was still lying in my bed all torn, whether really to go to Zurich that evening. It was cold, snowing and my energy level this winter is generally very low. And how the band told me, they were not going to play til 10.30 pm. Quite late, when you’re travelling by public transport and having a 2 hours way hoe, in this case even longer. But in the evening staying at home wasn’t no option at all and the longing for the concert and meeting friends bigger. Besides knowing from experience the mood is usually a lot better as soon s being there, latest during the concerts. Well, maybe this was the reason, why I was standing with a rather strange feeling at the concert that evening.

“Awww, cute!” my friend reckoned entering the location. She’s been there for the first time. The location really is rather small. That’s why I like it so much. The huge disco ball was hanging at its usual place and was sparkling down on us. There was a camera, you could take funny pictures with and print them. Sure we had to test it. During the evening it suddendly was smelling somehow like popcorn, but I didn’t discover the popcorn machine til after the concert. I almost believed only having imagined the popcorn smell. Some acquaintances were found there too. Great so. Only with the party part with the DJ I could have done without. I hadn’t been this difficult to wait for a concert start in a long time. The whole boom boom electro sound – duh, my nerves. I somewhen even remembered Tobias Carshey’s song “Let’s kill the dj”… [well, listen HERE]. It so was’t my “music”.

Good that soon the show by Rival Kings finally started. The intro started and they kicked off with “War”, followed by all the new songs. Like we already knew it from the last concerts. The older titles they just don’t like so much to play at the oment, Etienne mentioned at the end of the concert (yes, I knew this before), before they played “War” again as a very last encore. Though this happend in the middle of the audience, under the sparkling disco ball, as a beautiful accoustic version.

(By the way: How would get the band to like their old songs again? :P)

It was great to listen to all the songs live with their full energy again: “War” and “Drown”, or “Clocks” – my favourites from the actual album. “Heroes” couldn’t be missed either, the country song of the Luzern guys. And with “Walls”, “On The Run” and “Echoes” they after all play a few titles of their debut album.

With the Rival Kings concert I was aware for the first time, the Amboss Rampe isn’t equipped for a great light show at all. It wasn’t different with the last concert visits. The lightengineer was pretty much on the dole that evening. Well, a lightshow isn’t compulsory. The music is important and the concert visitors got immediately carried away that evening, were dancing wildly and had visibly fun with the performance. Usually are people rather reluctant and are quitely listening. That’s not wrong, but of course it’s great if even the audience also make things hum. Therby the short technical failure – when James (at the keys) suddendly had no more power – wasn’t really noticed. However it was quickly found and solved. It was a grat concert. My strange feelign stayed, but we enjoyed the concert a lot again.

We’ve been asked then, if we had noticed that the sound engineer wasn’t there at all and the job was done by someone else on short call. Sure! We hadn’t seen her all evening yet. Maybe this was the strange feeling? But let’s be honest, I can’t really claim for sure that I’ve heard it. Esp. in front row, almost next to the speakers and with earplugs… but hey, it can’t be ruled out. I’ll watch out for it at the next concert.

Until the second band was set up, about an hour did pass. There was the DJ, or a DJ, again. But we weren’t even sure if it was the same. But what he played I still didn’t like. With the first tunes of the second band we were off into the snow, direction home. The last train didn’t wait.

As expected, my energy and good mood was back. Even too much of it: I didn’t fall asleep before 6 am and was wide awake again after 4 hours of sleep. Well, luckily it was Sunday!

Infos about Rival Kings you can find on www.rivalkings.net.
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Infos about Amboss Rampe you can find on www.ambossrampe.ch

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