Rival Kings Plattentaufe in Luzern

Long and eager we’ve been awaiting this moment: At the end of September Rival Kings released their follow up album “WAR” and celebrated it’s release at home, in a crowded Schuur in Luzern. Once more they impressed their audience with their melancholic pop-rock and got much celebrated.

img_6246Four weeks earlier I was already holding the album with it’s black’n’white cover, the big WAR lettering, in my hands. Have I opened the bookled I found the lyrics I love so much. On the one side these lyrics are so incredibly desperate and depressing, on the otherside there’s this modicum of hope… the melodies are rhythmic and stirring, melodic, a little funky mixed with some country and esp. a lot of pop. Their songs are somehow insistent, almost a little hypnotizing… And at the end of September I finally got my preordered CD sent home. The album was playing non stop then.

Like already in the middle of September with The Souls, Thun musician Veronica Fusaro also opened the release show of Rival Kings on this Saturday evening. This time though with a little shorter, more calm set and only in duet with bass player Lisa. Inbetween they had some technical troubles, that sure made her a little nervous, but were luckily solved quickly. Next to some already known songs, she even playe one song only the 2nd time live on stage. And like at The Souls’ concert at Bierhubeli the young musician had self assurance and presence, that was amazing. There she also convinced with her great voice, made for a good start into the evening.

AFter a short changing break it went off properly with Rival Kings. There was a time I wouldn’t have thought that the audience was going to dance to their music. In January 2014 they released their debut album “Citizen”. When I’ve seen them for the first time live in spring, they seemed to be a band, the audience would just listen. Not that it wasn’t dancable at all, but since things changed: The newly won experience can be seen. Ther sound developed and changed, esp. since keyboard player James joined. They became more talkactive, at least front guy Etienne. This incredible live energy grew in these years…

It became pitch black at Schuur and “Rhythem is a dancer” of Snap was played. But that wasn’t part of


the show, wasn’t it? We’ve been a little confused. Haha. The Luzern band entered the stage and the actual intro was different then, bevor they vigorously started the concert with their album title song WAR.

The set up was new: Rafale was standing on the other side than at the last concert in Jona, James had moved with his keys to the front and guitare player Dani was at the back of the stage. The vibes in the audience was somehow euphoric from the beginning. Were some talking way too loudly and actively during the support act, Rival Kings gave the barely any chance for. It was loud, energetic and became hot. Esp. in the front rows everyone was dancing and celebrating the band. What was happening in the back, I doubt anyone in the front realized.

The sound was mixed fabulously, they played with the lights and it often matched so incredlibe perfectly. Who regularly goes to see the concerts of Rival Kings, already knew some things. About one month before we’ve seen the band at ZAK in Jona, where they had already introduced intros, fiddlings and gimmicks between the songs as well as new versions. In the crowded Schuur every thing seemed even a lot more different, even bigger. The audience and band swept each other away. The setlist included mainly new songs, but also some from their debut.

Sadly it was the last concert with guitare player Dani. Daddy of two he’s taking off at least 1 year (yes we sure hope for a return at the soonest). Another guitar plyer they had found already. And Etienne also announced the end of the actual “Echoes” bid. Phew, yes but Etinne, what about all the couples that haven’t found each other yet…? But there were also positiv news: The album acutally entered the charts on No. 11! After “Citizens” already had been my personal album of the year back then, “War” is absolutely on best way there. In case you don’t know the new work of the band yet, make sure to have a listen.

With “25” the concert ended *…I need to dance til the world feels right…*: This was my 20th Rival Kings concert (I could have sworn there were more) – and the world definitively felt more than right. What a release concert!

Infos about the band as well as concert dates you can find on www.rivalkings.net.
Live videos you can find in my Youtube-Playlist.

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