Rose Ann Dimalanta in Thun

This Friday evening Rose Ann Dimalanta, also known as RAD, was playing at Konzepthalle 6 in Thun. Her music can be found in the categories of funk, soul, jazz and latin, what was rather new to me and I mainly heard from Seven so far. I had no clue what to expect. But my thought was, that what I knew about her and with Massimo playing with her, that could actually only become a good evening. And it was.

Rose Ann Dimalanta is an american singer/songwriter and pianist with Filippino roots, who already started playing the piano at the age of 4. Some might know her as RAD, her solo project she started back in 1992 and has release several studio albums since. Others might know her as a band member of Prince, with who she was touring in 2003-2004. Besides she has worked together with big names as Stevie Wonder, Beyoncé or Candy Dulfer and is an actual member of Swiss musician Seven’s band.

After a long family break Rose Ann now has started a new trio project with bass player RAymond McKinley, who she knows since school band, and Massimo Buonnano, who’s among others also a member of Seven’s band. On the road with new songs they presented them in a showcase also to the Thun audience. Well, here showcase is to understand a little bit differently than when I visit other showcases. Usually showcases are short 45-60mins concerts. In Rose Ann’s case they call it this way, just because she’s presenting her new project as well as the new songs.

In the past Rose Ann wrote many songs about partying and dancing, nowadays her songs are quiter and deeper. With age you take life as it comes and not as serious anymore. But she still loved dancing and partying, the petite musician was laughing. And next to it she was telling that evening from her career and life. She talked to her audience in a mix of German and English, what made her very likable. And even with her success and top-class references the musican seems totally down to earth.

Her voice is strong, but also warm and gentle. Mostly they played as a trio,with her either on the keyboard or piano. But for a few songs she was also sitting on stage all alone. They were mainly new titles, only few older ones, presenting to the Thun audience. Many quite, soulful titles as “Miles”, “Dinner for one”, Imperfect person” or “The meassure of a man”. But her songs are also very jazzy, rhythmic and catchy, peppered with some latin sounds. Many songs contain longer instrumental parts and solos. The latin song written by bass player Raymond was even completely instrumental. And towards the end of course the funk couldn’t be missed. Therefor she even made the audience – even a little hesistant – sing along.

It was a really great concert and a wonderful evening. It’s sure worth to keep following her music and her way. Go see her with the next occastion, even like me you may not have listened to this kind of music so often.

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  1. Dear Rose-Ann, I’m so very pleased to hear from you again. I own all your records, and played many songs of your cd’s with my own band. Also visited all the concerts when you were in the Netherlands, brought you to the Boerderij Venue on June 30th 2008. You might remember this 🙂 ….
    When can we expect a new visit to the Netherlands again ?

    Warm greetings,

    Frans Ellinger

    • Dear Frans Ellinger,

      Thanks for the comment. This is a private blog by me, Sarah, and not by Rose-Ann.

      What I know is, that Rose-Ann is actually on an extensive tour through Germany with Swiss singer Seven.
      Seven will also be in the Netherlands on 19th January 2018 for Eurosonic Noorderslag 2018 in Amsterdam.
      I don’t know if he’ll be there with the complete band, but Rose-Ann might be joining him there as well.


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