Sandee at Radio 32 Talk’n’Show

Eight years after her last album the Bernsee Oberland musician Sandee released last month her new album „Zrügg zu mir“. At Radio 32’s „Talk’n’Show“ at Soho Club in Wangen an der Aare she told in an interview about her break, being a mum as well as her music career and presented in a showcase her new songs of the fifth album.

My friend had won tickets for the event. So we were sitting cosily at Soho Club and kept listening to the questions of Radio 32 presenters as well as to Sandee’s telling and stories with them. So she already got down the stairs undamaged, she was laughing, when she sat down. She often tends to drop a clanger, but differently to her sister, she never fell off stage so far. Her sister Barbara used to be background singer for Gölä as well, but was busy enough now with having taken over the restaurant of her parents. They organise music evenings together once a year, which usually are sold out long ahead. Already since being little the sisters had been singing with their parents.
Against expectations Sandee started her comeback successfully. Her new album „Zrügg zu mir“ entered the Swiss charts on no. 2. The album became more mature, more serious and self confident just like her. She’s handling her teeny-time, changes, breakups as well as experiences and fears being a single mom. It was the first album, she didn’t make together with her long-time music partner Urs Frei. What was unfamiliar at the beginning, proofed to be right in the end.

After the sold out album release party the additional concert of the additional concert is on sale now. For her live performances she snagged among others ½ of Polo Hofer’s Schmetterband: Thomas Wild on the drums and Antonia Giordano on guitar. After a half hour interview, the two of them accompanied Sandee on this evening for the acoustic showcase as well. With them she already has a longer past: Sandee used to be a huge Polo Hofer fan and met „Sandwich thrower“ Thomas and Antonia already as a teen, whilst waiting in front of the concert location for hours. „Sandwich thrower“ because Thomas threw sandwiches after the crazy teens to get rid of them. The drummer was remembering this differently though, a lot more harmless. There was a lot to laugh about on this evening.

Next to the actual single „Zrügg zu mir“, the trio introduced several other titles of the new work, but also played Sandee’s very first released solo song „Verchoufti mi Seel“. She also let the audience sing along. Even the exceptionally gifted singer wished to be a better musician, to play better guitar and maybe having learnt the piano, she thrilled the visitors at „Talk’n’Show“ after all these years again. She’s still the super likable woman, great singer and musician, she was before her break. Great to know her back in this man dominated business. Somehow something was missing without her the last years.

At the end Sandee took a lot of time to fulfil autograph and photo requests of her fans and the present audience. Who’d love to see Sandee live, better hurries to get tickets for her additional additional concert at Mühle Hunziken in Rubigen on 14th May 2017. Apart from that she’ll be on tour in autumn.

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