Sarah Connor at Zermatt Unplugged

From Kodaline (read about her concert in Zermatt here) I was  off to The Alex. Actually a tennis hall of the hotel, it gets converted into a concert location for the Zermatt Unplugged. On this first festival evening, the German pop and soul singer Sarah Connor performed with her band and two background singers at The Alex.

Sarah Connor had her breakthrough in 2001 with “Let’s get back to bed – boy!” and the debut album “Green Eyed Soul” Songs like “From Sarah with Love”, “Music is the key”, “Just one last dance” or “From zero to hero” went to the top of the charts. I thought she was really great back then. To date, she has sold over 7 million records.

Sarah Connor is singing in German

Since the release of her 9th studio album “Muttersprache” in May 2015, Sarah is now singing German. I was especially curious about that. But also on the whole performance. I had never seen my namesake live before.

Because of the many women in the audience, Sarah was curious to see if somebody did connect a girls’ night out with the concert and wished to have one again. She hadn’t done one for a long time. But with four children at home, work is after all something like a vacation. It’s when she has time to put her feet up again.

Indeed, German suits the singer really well. The majority of the soulpop album she wrote together with the Rosenstolz producers. There is now not only a deluxe version but also a live version available. She made pretty clear that she no longer sees herself as the pop star of that time, but as an artist.

The first single “Wie schön du bist” was one of my favorites. Of course, in addition to the German songs, there were also some of the older English songs. Her uber-hit “From Sarah with Love” (which I played endlessly;)) included. And I honestly did not like this new version that much.

Why does she not notice?

They had problems with the technics during the whole concert. Already at the third song, the system suddenly broke down. Later it happened again. She continued singing and did not realize that there was no sound to the front. Did some slag her that she did not notice, I definitely have to defend her: On stage musicians have a different sound with In-Ears. It can quickly happen that you just do not notice such failures. Ask Hecht frontman Stefan after the Seaside Festival last summer 😉

Too little enthusiasm

Unfortunately, after the first three songs, I was way too far at the back of the concert and had some visitors around that I would have liked to send out. I did miss too much of the concert. It did not exactly blow me away either. In the end I’m not as happy about the concert as I expected. But seeing Sarah Connor live is kind of cool anyway. Just, because it’s Sarah Connor.

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