Seven at Mühle Hunziken

The queue at the food counter was long. The place filled up more and more by the minute. Then there the darn two francs were missing for the locker on the ground floor. 😉 Therefore you are getting a bit fidgety. Ok, I’m getting a bit fidgety. Even if it was actually still an hour to the concert start. Excitement, anticipation (also on the “Mühli Tasse”) and curious I was anyway. I had not seen Seven for far too long.

Seven is with his 7 members band and the new album “4 colors” on tour. Since 12 years they keep coming to Rubigen and stopped this week at the – trible (!!) sold out – Mühle Hunziken again.

From the couch directly to the top

Since spring 2016, when Seven became the first Swiss on the sofa of the VOX show “Sing meinen Song”, he went from the show couch directly to the top and hit the roof. As you looked at his tour plan and thought “wow, and when does he come back on tour with us again? They (Germany) probably won’t give him to us again”…;) But in the meantime he luckily had already played some shows here again.

In addition to the songs by participants such as BAP frontman Wolfang Niedecken, The BossHoss or host Xavier Naidoo, Seven drew attention in our neighboring country especially through the Nena cover of “99 red balloons” . Although, he has been with us in Switzerland for years – more precisely for 16 years – as an established musician he has released to date 10 studio albums and played countless concerts.

Once across Germany and across the border

Two fans especially came from Germany to see their idol live in “our” legendary Mühle Hunziken. They even secured a rare copy of one of his first albums in Bern. In Germany, they had already followed Seven across the country for two weeks and went on tour with him. Sometimes they cheered to him along with “only” 150 other concertgoers. Sometimes it was up to 2000 spectators.

4-colored through the evening

The lights went out. The speech intro started. One should close the eyes, open again on three. Seven sat in the dark and started the concert with “Don’t Help Me”. The first part of the concert, under the color “blue”, was with this one, “Thank You Pain” and “Lisa” rather the sad part. However, he soon moved on to the “Yellow” part and immediately became cheery with the new “I Can’t Wait For The Rain”, “City Of Gold” and one of my favorites, the catchy “Oh oh oh yeah”.

The cover of the cover

So the colors of his new album “4 Colors” went through the evening. Before it became seductive with “red”, he played a new version of the song “Go Slow”, which he had written 10 years ago. And that was the version that Xavier Nadioo had sung on “Sing meinen Song”, so actually a cover of the cover. And because you answer on covers, Xavier’s beautiful “Das hat die Welt noch nicht gesehen” immediately followed, in the Seven version, of course.

For about two hours, Seven and the band played without a break. Heated up the audience. Everyone could take a break and get drinks at the bar whenever they wanted. However, as many visitors as there were crowded so close to the stage, it was easier said than done depending on the spot. At some point even Seven was laughing then, that it was cold outside and therefore good, that it was heated, but it was getting enough.

“Trick” and “Black Pearl” were followed by other new songs that made the red phase of the concert erotic and seductive. The latter he had written for his wife.

Like in the band room – just better

The band was not only having more fun with all the solos and improvisations during “Wake Up” than in the rehearsal room, but during the entire concert. Sometimes saxophonist Alex Hendrixsen or trumpeter Lukas Thöni were in the foreground. Then Raphael Jakob let his guitar howl and Rose slid her fast fingers over the keys. Of course, a drum solo was not missing. They also darted into jazz and allowed themselves to be carried away by their sound.

With the last color “Purple” everybody turned up again and there followed one highlight after the other. Seven sang in “1978” not only about all this and those who made him what he is today, but also paid tribute to Prince with “Brave”. With “Partytown”, in the duet with keyboarder Rose, the Mühli was boiling at the end. Even the seated spectators also danced all over of their chairs at the very back.

At one point, Seven gave the former Prince keyboarder (aka RAD: read about her own trio concert here) playing instructions and suggestions, and once he disappeared from the stage to reappear at the back of the mixing console. Back to the stage he was then just dancing right through the crowd.

He makes music like his heart and “trap” have grown and he had once again proven that clearly on this evening. His motto “Every day as if it were the last”, he lived with his song “What If” and touched the hearts of the present music lovers with his words. With “High” the end of the concert was then again properly celebrated, band choreo included.

Once again, his show was energetic, passionate, colorful and super funky. Just great fun again.

Autographs under conditions

If you felt like it, then you could go straight to buy Seven’s new album – or just download it illegally. He did not really care about that, he assured during the show. The main thing is that everyone has it. But he made it clear that there would be autographs only on dead things – and joked, vegetables are also excluded … Um, I’ve bought  – for the sake of simplicity – the album and let him sign it.It‘s what I can recommend to you to do 😉

“Die Menschen sind wir” and “Trick” are my favourite from “4 colors” so far. What’s yours?

Seven’s next concert dates you can find on  Next to some few club shows the festival season is following soon.




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