Shakira in Zurich

After we had been already waiting for 45 mins for Shakira to appear on stage, I indeed was a bit pissed off. Not really nice to let people wait this long. And I didn’t think DJ Oliver Hustler was too exciting. The audience only went along for maybe two songs. And people started booing. Each time another song or add was played. Justified! And many girls on the opposite side of me got pulled out of the crowd, the show hadn’t even started yet.

But how could it be different? In the end I forgave her again. The show was really cool and to stand so close in front row, was incredible. She started with “Plenso en Ti” and continued with “Why wait”. She not only played songs I didn’t know very well, but also her big hits as “Sale el sole”, “Hips don’t lie”, “Whenever, Wherever”, “Gipsy” and “She Wolf” as well as “Loca”. She even played the guitare and harmonica. What a talented woman!

Already shortly after the show had started, the first girls were taken on stage to dance and swing their hips.There’s no one like Shakira! She’s a wonderful dancer. During her medley, that included the song “Nothing else matters”, she was throwing her bunch of white roses into the audience and provided a wonderful, unforgetable concert iwth her singers, dancers and band. It ended with a big crowd dancing to “Waka Waka” and colorful confetti rain.

I suggest, you’ll go and see yourself the next time. Hopefully without big delays.

Infos about Shakira you can get on her website

Acts: Shakira
Event: The Sun Comes Out-Worldtour
Date: 08.06.2011
Place: Hallenstadion Zurich
Time: 8 pm
Doors: 6 pm
Support Act: DJ Hustler

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