Sladu’s Jam Session in Bern

Thursday evening I was in Bern at Wash-Bar, where Sladu held his “Jam Session” for the 2nd time.

You probably know Zlatko “Slädu” Perica, possibly you’ve seen him as a guitar player  with Swiss musician as Gölä, DJ Bobo, Bligg or even Italian pop singer Emma Marrone. Maybe you’ve even been to one of his “Sladu & friends” concerts. He and his team held this jam session already for the 2nd time. And because it was said, that you could go there just watching as well, I of course was curious. On the one side about the bar, Sladu had told me about before, and of course the session and its guests.

The bar isn’t that big, be found in the basement of Welle 7 (the new centre directly at Bern’s main station) and they’ve got this super nice pulled pork sandwich. Every Thursday evening there’s some event, otherwise it’s a simple cafe, bar. Umm, okay, not that simple, because it is a wash-bar. There are washing machines and dryers in the location, so you can bring your washing. No joke!

And so this jam session works like this, Sladu is there with a band he plays with, but also got some additional instruments. And who wants to, can go there and jam with them. Just spontaniously jump on stage, grab a guitare or a bass, sat down behind the keyboard or drums and take part. Who wants can rap or sing. What ever you can do or want to. And additionally the one or other beforehand known guest will play 2-3  songs.

Chubby Buddy (front guy Marc Amacher you might know from the actual The Voice of Germany season) came along spontaniously ahead of one of their concerts, ND Turn played two of their songs and also Marco Balzli went on stage twice with Sladu and the band. People were said having been braver during the first jam session, but the one or other did dare to show their talents in the end.So a lot of variety is guaranteed. In the end you don’t exactly know, if there might join a certain person spontaniously. There are not always the same guests there.

It was a really great evening. Go by for the next jam session -whether to take part or just listen. It will take part on 1st December 2016 at Wash-Bar again.

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