Stars Of Sounds 2017 Aarberg – day 1

At the weekend Stars Of Sounds in Aarberg took place again and I could be part of it on both days. In the middle of the beautiful Aarberg oldtown summer was celebrated with great bands and music. On Friday there were next to eloquent raps and loads of screaming also a big portion rock’n’roll.

I found steel blue sky, loads of sunshine as well as an easy-going and relaxed atmosphere in Aarberg. On the area various drink and food stands were available, bars as well as tents to sit down and find shelter. High above the area the VIP grandstand was enthroned.

Some  The Baseballs fans seemed nervous. Dressed in matching 60s style they were waiting impatiently on admission, after all they wanted to get front row. Among them were also some acquaintances and friends – “Can’t you occupy some spots for us?”

The intention wasn’t easy. The place in front of the stage was barricaded and has been only released shortly before doors opened. Then the admission got even delayed for about 15mins. Zap! You could barely blink and the first 2-3 rows were taken. All the people on the area have been reacting quickly. In the end my friends made it into the front though  – and even quite a bit further…

From Himalaya to Aarberg

Nemo kicked off the evening. Even songs like “Himalaya” and “Ke Bock” are incredible earworms, I was sceptical. The 18 years old rapper is getting so much hyped recently. Besides I was wondering: Does he have enough this many songs at all? But must have had 😉

Nemo is his real name by the way. he was born before everyone went looking for the fish at the cinemas from 2003 on. 😉 Nemo is still very young, with his curly head and this perky nature somehow cute – and especially eloquent. He indeed reminded me of Leduc from the Bernese duo Lo & Leduc. He however knew as well how to entertain and encourage his audience. Differently than what he’s signing in his hit, he seemed definitively up for it in this early evening.

With his three member band – DJ, keyboarder Maja and guitarist Simon (among others guitarist of Halunke) – he presented his songs. His style: Hip hop mixed with pop, rock, reggae and even some jazz. Back in the days he used to listen to jazz music with his father, therefore the jazz influence.

His sound is easy and happy, well suitable for summer. The title “Du” is about his in the train lost purse. “Himalaya” fitted as it is about mountains and we were in Aarberg. He did a cover of Ed Sheeran’s “Shape Of You” in Swiss German and “Am andere Ändi” was his last song then.

All these hypes, but he’s good. I am curious how he’ll develop over the coming years.

To face the hangover in the mirror

Maybe Nemo will check out Dabu Fantastic. They keep convincing at their concerts even the ones, who usually are not listening to their kind of music. I was confirmed this evening again. After a short changing break, they continued.

The Dabu Fantastic band got up on stage and started playing. They started with “Grosse MC”. We could hear Dabu and Arts singing, kept waiting for them to join the band. But well, where were they? Whilst soap bubbles were dancing over the heads of the audience, the two of them were dancing from the back through the audience and climbing over the barriers up on stage.

As especially Dabu was bombing over the stage full of energy (where’s he taking that energy from?), he admitted that they had snitched something from Nemo. They also had included Ed Sheeran’s “Shape Of You” into one of their songs. Well, what’s it with this song? I’ve never been a big fan of it. No matter it’s by Ed.

The Zurich guys were dancing with guitarist Sam during “Freddie”, before Dabu was off into the audience again. He had to check how the concert visitors were dancing to it. “Min Ort” made everything a little quieter again, but sure not for long.

Because the audience was going wild, Arts had to sit town. This way to play “body percussion” was probably easier too: He kept drumming rhythmically on his legs during the song. Besides he even mastered some boygroup moves à la Take That and Backstreet Boys 😉

With the pop songs of Dabu Fantastic summer is double fun. And because there was loads to celebrate at Stars of Sounds, sure some drinks were taken, Dabu had some advice: With all the “drinks” you should have enough hip tea at home agains the hangover on Sunday morning. If you hadn’t, you should just look into the mirror, thinking: “Better super ugly, than super dumb”, hinting to one of their songs.

With “Angelina” the show came to an end. We would meet them at the bar…

In-between generations

As soon as Bastian entered stage with his from Nashville brought hat, the screaming started. He knows how to ecstasise the mainly female fans with an impish smile, French accent as well as sexy swivelling. His band members supported him there  actively. So as well in Aarberg that evening.

Their Swiss concerts are rare at the moment. So I hadn’t seen the globetrotter and his band live since last summer. But actually everything is still the same: Catchy folk-pop songs like “We Are The Ones” or the new “Five Fingers”. There’s still the same silliness you might roll your eyes about, chuckling head shaking to yourself and being amused.

In-between they played beautiful ballads like “Leaving tomorrow”. Later one Bastian sang only with keyboarder Simon and background singer Priscilla in a trio, accompanied by an acoustic guitar. Even “Planned It All” was reduced to a duo, accompanied by keys. Rock titles like “Dirty Thirty” were additionally added too. Because his music doesn’t sound as electrical as the one by many others nowadays, I so like the songs of Bastian Baker. This hadn’t changed over the years.

Of course his first released song, his hit “Lucky” couldn’t be missed. With “Tattoo on my brain” they also played one of my favourites. This way they also convinced many guys among the concert visitors and became quickly the favourites of many.

They also were the favourites of the passengers in the bus, who I was getting into a conversation with on my way home. The two woman said though, that he could have kept his t-shirt at the end and hadn’t needed to present his naked torso. But that might just be their generation. And yes, judging the screaming, indeed many (young) female concert visitors obviously saw this differently 😉

Motorbikes and birthday children 

Only in the afternoon Digger hat posted a photo of the motorbike rental. That the Baseballs suddenly would stand on stage with this motorbike, I hadn’t expected. But it’s meant to become an Aarberg tradition now. Already the last time at Stars Of Sounds 4 years ago they had entered stage this way.

Here his post on Instagram:

With their rock’n’roll covers Digger, Basti and Sam thrilled the Aarberg audience together with their band. With stories, jokes as well as conversations to the audience they not only dragged the show on, but created a great mood.

They got supported by their band and their wild solos. For the birthday boys and girls in the audience, they even forced the handsome saxophonist Nico onto his knees to play a jazzy birthday serenade. Of course Sam, who had celebrated his birthdays few days before, wanted to get a birthday song as well.

Therefore they took some woman from the audience on stage. The present festival security guys were meant to help. Though the security guys obviously didn’t get the request and hints of the rock’n’roller: “Hello? Are there no security guys?”. If they couldn’t just throw four woman at once on stage? That’s when the three of them took care of it themselves and took about 10 woman on stage. Among them my friends. Voilà! Together they properly rocked.

After their following boygroup performance – “The Baseballs are back, alright!” – I sadly already had to leave the concert, before it had ended. Maybe it would have been enough time, but the moonliner (night bus) wouldn’t wait for me after all. I wanted to get home somehow. But tell the bus driver in Aarberg that you want to go to Thun… took a moment to get my ticket. haha.

I arrived home then and was looking forward to the 2nd festival day with Troubas Kater, Söhne Mannheims and Alvaro Soler.

Ich kam schliesslich aber Zuhause an und freute mich auf den 2. Festivaltag mit Troubas Kater, Söhne Mannheims und Alvaro Soler.

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