Stars Of Sounds in Aarberg

It was a glorious summer evening in Aarberg. In the middle of the oldtown the annual “Stars Of Sounds” stage was standing again. It’s a wonderful place for a festival / openair concert. And on this day the weather couldn’t be anymore perfect – proper summer. The atmosphere on the area was very relaxed – umm, yes, maybe almost a bit too relaxed.

The queue for admission was very short and I could get on the area fast. Quickly passing the first food and drink stands to go to the merchandise stand, even I could have thought that there was nothing new for me. With one of the little strawberry tarts I was off direction stage then. But I didn’t have to hurry at all. It was even possible to get into the front rows very shortly before the concert started, I was in the front so.  Pegasus and Amy MacDonald were performing on that evening. I was there for Pegasus of course, I didn’t really know Amy MacDonald at all. Only few songs from the radio.

Christa Riggozzi, presenter and ex Miss Switzerland, welcomed the audience and announced the bands. Pegasus started with “Digital Kids” and played the usual setlist, shorthened though. Their set took about 1 hour. Festival length. It was kind of a home play for the Biel band – not far from home. Noah let the audience already sing along with the first song. It was a very energetic setlist with only a few calm pieces. Drums and guitare solos weren’t missed either. And still I felt the atmosphere and everything around not as good as other times. They came just back from Japan, where they had played only small clubs and now were a bit nervous in front of such a big audience, Noah told. What, just came back? Did sound as if they came back from Japan just to play in Aarberg. But it has been already months ^^ haha. However. maybe this was the reason, that I felt like other concerts had been better? Emotionally it didn’t feel all right somehow. Difficult to say, what it was.

What I had to expect from Amy MacDonald, I actually didn’t know at all. I knew 2-3 songs of her from the radio. When the band entered stage followed by the Scot, I immediately noticed the bass player. I’ve seen him before? I’ve been racking my brain for days, if not even weeks, to find out where. Until I somewhen came across some photos of a Olly Murs concert in UK and I could confirm with my photos. I had seen Amy MacDonald’s bass player with Olly Murs. Amy was standing on stage in Jeans and a black top. Her arm full of tattoos caught my eyes immediately. Not that I think it’s bad. I simply didn’t expect this. But I liked there from the beginning with her strong, scotish accent and her humour. “Hallo wie gehts?” she was greeting the audience and telling, that she liked learning different languages and tried to know at least a few words. And if everyone  could understand her with her scotish accent at all.

Do you all know Amy MacDonald? If you’d hear her song “Mr Rock’n’Roll”, you would immedialy recognice. She became known with this around 2008/2009 and has released three albums since. The most recent is “Life In A Beautiful Light” from 2012. Other known songs are “Spark”, “Slow it down” or “Don’t tell me that it’s over”. Her concert was really super nice and I was positively surprised. I didn’t expect to like her that much. But even there something was missing.

Thanks to a friend from Thun, who did photograph the openair that evening, I didn’t have to catch the train early, but could get a lift and so I’ve seen almost the whole concert. Or at last the biggest part.

As said, it was a very nice evening, the Stars Of Sounds in Aarberg is a great openair event. IT was my second visit and even though I felt like something was missing on that evening, generally I can really recommend this event. This way you can really enjoy summer.

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