Take That in Munich

Take That were reunited, Robbie Williams was back with his ex-bandmates and touring with them. A friend and I went together to the Take That Show in Munich, because the gentlemen did not play a show in Switzerland.

Bad organisation

I think we arrived about 2 hours before the door opened. Oh how exciting. But about an hour before admission even started, some already stood up. So everyone was then – in this heat. They’ll never really learn it. Some people broke down before they even got inside. But probably it was not just their fault, because the organisation was so bad.

With all the personalized tickets the organizers actually had the idea to control all the IDs, with more than 68,000 people fitting in there ??? Crazy! Totally crazy! It took forever until we finally got inside and the security guards were super rude. The rain did not help either.

But surprisingly we still made it somehow close to the front between the 10th-15th row, towarrds the end of the show even closer. If only the whole waiting wouldn’t be. But yes, eating pretzels, drinking from the fantastic Take That cups, which were sold there and laughing at the funny dancers with their entertainment attempts, let the time fly by pretty quickly. Even the rain stopped at some point. We had a great time together with the girls we met earlier at the entrance.

Pet Shop Boys were support act

The Support Act started their show: Pet Shop Boys. Who would have thought that I would ever see them live? It was quite entertaining and I even knew some of the songs. The “Cubehead dancers” were pretty funny and so Pet Shop Boys were certainly one of the better support acts.

Short disappointment

Finally they started the countdown for the Take That Show. Exactly at 8.30 pm Gary, Howard, Mark, and Jason appeared on stage and – oh, what a disappointment. I thought there has been a mistake that they appeared without Robbie. But no, he actually stayed away from the stage. Not that I did not enjoy the part, but I thought they were five again? 

I got it soon. It was first Take That’s part with only four. Then Robbie came, and first alone!

Back to the teen-time

It was bombastic. We felt like teens. Robbie started his part of the show with “Let me entertain you”! I felt like a few years ago in 2006 at the Stade de Suisse in Bern. It was Mr. Robbie Williams I saw live at the concert AGAIN! And the show was by no means finished when he left the stage again.

This was followed by the most important part of the whole concert:
Take That, five of them together again.

Wow, I saw Take That complete. 15 years ago I would have never thought that this would ever happen. People shouted their lungs out during the whole show (I was probably one of them * clearing my throat *). We witnessed a2.5 hour unbelievable magical show.


Take That:

1 Rule The World
 2 Greatest Day
 3 Hold Up A Light
 4 Patience
 5 Shine

Robbie Williams:

 6 Let Me Entertian You
 7  Rock DJ
 8 Come Undone
 9 Feel
 10 Angels

Take That + Robbie:

11 The Flood
 12 SOS
 13 Underground Machine
 14 Kidz

15 Pretty Things
 16 A Million Love Songs / Babe / Everytthing Changes
 17 Back For Good
 18 Pray
 19 Love Love
 20 Never Forget

 21 Relight My Fire
 22 Eight Letters

There was an Alice in Wonderland theme during “Shine” as well as memories of the old Boyband times with “Relight my Fire”, “Back for Good” and their choreographies. And there was this huge 20-meter-high steel man who went through the “Progress” and finally stood upright at the end of the catwalk.

The whole show was absolutely breathtaking. When they sang “Never Forget” in the end, no words could be found! An absolutely fantastic show! I am absolutely happy to have been part of such a historical show! It will certainly be remembered.

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