The Baseballs at Bierhübeli Bern

The Baseballs have made a dream come true for their 10 year band anniversary and flew to Memphis / Tennessee for their Best Of album at the legendary Sun studios. To where Elvis Presley recorded his hits. On their Sun Sessions Live Tour, they are now commemorating their idol and celebrating with the fans.

A dream comes true

Sven Budja, Sebastian Rätsel and Rüdiger Brans – to most probably better known as Sam, Basti and Digger – have been thrilling with their band through their Rock’n’Roll cover versions of popular rock and pop songs for 10 years. They do not only cover, but also give their own stamp to the hits of Rihanna, Katy Perry, Britney Spears and now even Justin Bieber.

In the meantime, they have also released their own songs on their 2016 released album “Hit me Baby …”. In addition to a lot of Rock’n’Roll there is a lot to laugh about. In 2010, for the first time seen on Summer Days live, I had in the meantime been at several great shows.

For their anniversary, The Baseballs flew to Memphis last year to Sun Studios, where they re-recorded their most successful and popular songs in Elvis Presley’s original set-up. That means: guitar, drums and double bass, but without piano. The Baseballs have released the partly completely re-arranged songs on the Best Of album “The Sun Sessions” last October and are on tour in Europe.

Unusually quiet start

If you arrive at the concert location shortly before the door opens and hardly anyone is already waiting for entrance, you will notice that everyone has grown older. But yes, that’s already 8 years since I saw The Baseballs live for the first time. Nowadays, the least are still sitting for hours in front of the door during the week to get the best spot in the front. But the petticoats and rockabilly hairstyles still fit and the first row is still very much in demand.

A support? No, The Baseballs definitely do not need it. They send the crowd into raptures during two hours themselves. Well, usually anyway. It seems a little different on the Sun Sessions Live Tour.

The band entered the stage of the sold-out Bierhübeli with a delay of about 15 minutes. Without saying anything, they let themselves be celebrated before they started with Ed Sheeran’s “Thinking Out Loud”. As the original Elvis set-up suggests, the drummer, guitarist and double bassist were on stage with the three of them. To my surprise, Klass on the double bass was the only one of the so far known The Baseballs live band. It was also an unusually quiet start.

Already been often at full Bierhübeli, a short survey of the three Voc’n’Roller, however showed, that many of the audience were at a The Baseballs concert for the first time. So Digger came up with the idea that they could basically bring out all the old gags again. Maybe you would even get through with only 10 songs? But there were definitely more than 10 songs 😉

To the longtime fans Sam assured after the first few songs – “Baby One More Time”, “Hello” and “Candy Shop” – that the concert actually started unusually quiet, but they will definitely turn up yet. You could hear and feel that actually: Due to the reduced setup and the new arrangements, the songs are a lot quieter. The band was also generally more restrained. At least musically: The jokes and the endless stories were also there. 😉 However, in the audience you could feel the Tuesday mood. And even longtime “hardcore” fans did not seem 100% convinced by this start and wrinkled their nose.

The sacred cow was slaughtered

Actually, The Baseballs never wanted to cover original songs from the 50s. This sacred cow got slaughtered now, Basti grinned, before turning to some Elvis songs with a Sun Classic session. They often complemented their songs with stories and jokes.

Individually and line by line, each in his own way, they started with “Blues Suede Shoes”. It was followed by “Baby Let’s Play House,” through which Sam became an Elvis fan. Today it is difficult to polarize in this industry, Sam noted. That’s why he thinks it’s best when live bands play and even stroke a chord himself. The concert visitors agreed with applause and cheers.

Basti took over the lead vocals for “My Happiness”, supported by his bandmates’ backings. It was the first Elvis song recorded at Sun Studios. Since I had just goose bumps. They just know how to sing. They then completed this part of their concert with the Blues Brothers song “Shake it a tailfeather”. therefor they still brought the red piano on the stage, which they had built for their Umbrella video back then.

With that and the start of their games, the whole evening became even wilder, more jolly and electrifying.

Karaoke 2.0 – and other join-in games

The Baseballs and their games. There is always a lot to laugh about. The Baseballs let their audience sing when the blue fire light on the piano lit up. To “Bad”, spectator Andreas was allowed on stage. He had to sing in Jackson manner as high as possible and was celebrated by the audience.

At “Blurred Lines” Basti played Karaoke 2.0 with us: where he interrupted the verses, the audience had to finish them. Unfortunate, if you knew neither lyrics nor understood them 😉 For the same song they also took three background singers on  stage.

Last but not least, the handsome, optically totally fitting Florin got the chance to perform his own solo on “Chasing Cars” on the red mini-piano. He fit so well with the band that some concert visitors even had their doubts after the concert, if he belonged to the crew and the whole thing was posed …? 😉

It definitely was rolling from there to the encore. Only then it became a little quieter and more cuddly again, especially with their version of Natalie Imbruglia’s “Torn”. Gaga’s “Born This Way” ended the Bierhübeli concert evening.

Have you been to any of the Sun Sessions Live shows?

Here’s the whole setlsit:

  1. Thinking Out Loud
  2. Baby One More Time
  3. Hello
  4. Candy Shop
  5. Love On The Brain
  6. Ony My Way
  7. I believe I can fly
  8. Hey there Delilah 
  9. Hot’n’Cold
  10. Bandinstrumental
  11. Blues Suede Shoes 
  12. Baby Let’s Play House
  13. My Happiness
  14. Shake It A Tailfeather
  15. Bad 
  16. Bleeding Love
  17. Love Yourself
  18. Chasing Cars  
  19. Don’t feel like dancing
  20. Blurred Lines
  21. Umbrella
  22. Outro

  23. Crazy in love
  24. Torn 
  25. Born this way


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