The Bubble I am In – together alone

Lunik @ Gurtenfestival

isn’t it hilarious:
we’re walking side by side
and everyone’s thinking
he’s the only lonely
and we’re asking ourselves:

what is the bubble made of I am in?

Friday evening, 8.30 pm Waldbühne, Gurten, Bern. This is part of a song, that Jaël from Lunik after a few words to the audience, began singing. Someone wrote to her, if there was anyone else going to a concert, because he liked to go, but didn’t dare to go on his own. People would find you weird then. But if everyone is going on their own then, then we’d be all together again and not alone anymore. Together alone.

I go very often to concert on my own. In gernal I go to very many concerts, okay, extremly many. And I only know a very few, who share this “passion” with me. And the ones, who I know, are far from liking everything I like and want to see. It’s true: If you tell people, that you are there on your own, they give you a strange and blank look. Probably think, what’s wrong with her?! But there’s the motto – either I go on my own or miss out on it. And before I miss any great concert, I rather go on my own. And in the end, you are not on your own. At least a few people will be at the concert. No matter how small it is. At some band’s you keep meeting the same people, you know each other after a while. And all the moments, the meetings and talks that come with it. I wouldn’t have wanted to miss them.

Thanks for the nice words, Jaël. And thanks for the nice song. It confirmed me once more, that it is okay the way it is. And maybe some others got encouraged to visit concerts alone, other than to miss them. I never regretted it.

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