The Souls at Bierhubeli Bern

When the band had disappeared behind the stage, the hall lights went on, the last tone of the last song fell silent, we hardly could believe, that all was over. Really already finished? It was hard to accept the end in this moment. The Souls celebrated on Friday evening at sold out Bierhubeli in Bern their new album “Eyes Closed” and I am still totally flashed by it.

On 26th August The Souls released their first album “Eyes Closed”. Okay, to call it first album is still a bit confusing as I actually – next to the EP trilogy – I got already an album of the band. But ok, under the old name (that they changed about 1 year ago), what doesn’t make a too big difference to me. But however, “Eyes Closed” went directly to number 3 in the charts. Absolutely deserved as the Thun band now proofed again at their release show. Epic is probably the right word to describe the concert, the whole evening, best. Or what would you say?Sure! Definitely I left the concert location with exactly such a feeling.

Even it’s not that long ago when I’ve last seen The Souls live, it felt like ages already. The anticipation according to this high.When I entered the location shortly after doors had opened, I discovered already many known faces in the audience. There were so many people I know, I was almost a bit overextended. Haha. And who else did I want to meet and see? In the end I haven’t met everyone. But the expected girls in the front rows were already there and ready for the Souls. I checked the merchandise before. Have you seen the beautiful handprinted merchandise, T-shirts and gymbags?

Thun musician Veronica Fusaro openend the evening with her band. When they started with “Come To Naught”, you unfortunately could barley understand her. The sound wasn’t very good during the first 2-3 songs. And the talking in the back of the location sure didn’t help either. I wished such people would simply stay at home. Would go and talk somewhere outside the location in a bar. Really! Good that the sound became better and you could understand what she was singing then. And she didn’t let herself irritate by the noise in the room. I didn’t exactly like all of her songs, but was still very impressed and thrilled. How confident and with complete pep she was standing on stage, presented her songs, introduced her band and did lead through the show. Such a pro. Although she’s not even 20 years old yet. And of course very important: She got a great voice! She proofed esp. with the cover “Wayfaring Stranger”, what she sang all alone with a little help of a loopstation. But she didn’t only play covers. She’s got many own songs like “Dragon” or “Pluto”. Yes, and by the way, we’ve also been a little jealous about her beautiful hair. It was a really great start into this evening.

A short changing break followed. The curtains got closed. What were they up to? Not too long after though, the intro started and the curtain fell. The band was in position: Domi on the drums, Rally on keys, Rease on bass, Michi and Luk on guitars and frontguy Jay to sing the lead vocals. In the background the eye of the album cover was hanging, kept lighting up, blinking in the dark. I admit, before I wasn’t told that it was meant to be eyelid bats, I didn’t get it, but the eye itself with the light effect looked great. „Do you know, where my heart is? Do you still know, what it needs? To feel light hearted, to feel happy“ – with Silver Rain, the first title from the new album, they had a stunning concert start. With his amazing voice Jay keeps making you speechless. And the audience was immediately with them. It increased with every song a little more. With a great mix of their new and older songs, they thrilled the mixed audience. „Ask Me“ and „Tandem“ followed, when esp. during the latest song the audience sang along word by word. You heard well, which songs have been played on the radio more often already and which ones the audience knew well. The new  „Stay“ went over into a sweeping drumsolo, before they continued with their actual single „Fighting in the moonlight“.

After „Heart in my hands“ and all their own songs, they played with “Gimme Something Good” by Ryan Adams a real cool cover. This song had accompained them esp. during their time in LA. It suited them well and could have been their own. So I already thought, that another cover might follow, but it was the only one. Electrifying guitare solos followed. The wonderful harmonies and Jay’s incredible voice kept causing goosebumps. When they told about their time in LA, the trips to Ukraine or Singapore inbetween, they obviously barley were able to believe themselves, what they already experienced and actually experience. It’s really heartwarming to every longtime fan and supporter.

For “Live”, next to “Silver Rain” my absolute favourite on the new album, Michi played the double guitare again. With every other song, you were a little bit more flashed and the enthudiasm kept growing. With „Lines in the sand“, „Promised Land“ and „Cry“ the end came closer already. After “Whole” the band left the stage and immediately it was clear, that the concert must be done soon. The time simply passed too quickly. But we got some encores: Rease and Jay came back on stage together. Rease sat down behind the keys. We hadn’t expected this, only knowing him playing bass. Together they played “Stars” in its original version, the way the song was written and is found on the album. Only the two of them, lit up in soft light with gentle sounds. That went under one’s skin. The complete band came back on stage right after for “Close My Eyes” and finished the concert with “Run Baby Run“. After Michi’s thank yous, there was no stopping the audience. The atmosphere, that kept increasing during the concert, exploded. It was incredible. Everyone sang along, kept cheering, clapping along, screaming and whistling.

We would have loved to have another encore, but the hall lights went on. In the first moment I was so down about the end, like I haven’t been in a long time. But it changed again before the security threw us out even before 00.30 am. Yes, such an aftershow party like back at Dachstock was a little missed. At home I was still sitting on the couch for quite a while to let it sink in. The next concert can’t come soon enough. As said, it was a total epic evening!

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