The Souls at Westside Bern

There you go through the long, bare corridors, excitement increasing. From far you can already hear the audience. Then you come around the corner and… you are standing in the middle of a food mall.

Like this or similar The Souls described it, when they were standing on stage this evening in the middle of the food area of the Westside for the “Friday Special” and played their songs. Well it’s not exactly like at Hallenstadion, if your changing room is behind McDonald’s but obviously still great.

Well, to be honest: The food mall of the Westside shopping centre in Bern-Brünnen isn’t exactly the best place for concerts. It’s not always working with the sound very well and you shouldn’t always listen too closely.

But there’s the possibility to either see your fave bands (for free) again or you can have a listen to bands you don’t know, or not well yet. It’s also always super cosy and relaxed: A little bit of shopping, eating something, then listening to music… Besides The Souls managed the sound pretty well. I think anyway…? Umm, wait a sec… this compliment would especially go to their sound engineer then. 😉

The Souls draw on this Friday evening next to many relatives, friends and fans also some rubbernecks. So it became quite crowded.

At The Souls’ we are definitively always curious on the setlist. It got its basics, but is always a little different. With which song will they start and finish? When will the favourite song be played and maybe they play some old ones again? Are there maybe even some new ones? This was the case at the last concert. That they started with the new song, was surprising. I really liked it as a kick-off.

With “Live”, “Stay” or “Promised Land” they rocked the stage of the shopping centre. The kids were standing in front of the stage with big eyes adoring the band. So cute! When guitarist Michi or singer Jay reacted to the munchkins, they were chuffed.

The counting in during “Fighting In The Moonlight” worked out well this evening. And even here The Souls went down into the audience and played “Nowhere Man” right in the middle, only accompanied by an acoustic guitar. During the Ryan Adams cover “Gimme Something Good” even the jam between Rally and Luke wasn’t missing.

It was a good atmosphere at the shopping centre and in the end the audience wouldn’t let go the band just like that. Quick discussion, when dummer Domi suddenly pointed at me, saying this was for me. Umm, what? (turning round to check who was beside and behind me) Me??

It showed, that he actually had read my little public “rant” after the Honky Tonk. It’s where they had played a whole new song AFTER ( 3 of 5 sets) I had gone. So they repeated it this as an encore.


After the concert there was a real fancy signing. They sat the band at a table for. So for once it was really easy to get autographs. Otherwise you usually have to run around for the band members. hihi 😉

The concert was the last one before the festival season. But there will be an extensive summer tour and in atumn there’ll be a double tour together with Dada Ante Portas.

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