The Souls in Köniz

The small disco balls were dancing and sparkling above our heads. I sometimes barely can take my eyes off these things. Depending on the song, they might pull you even deeper into the spell, under which you are already anyways. Already after the first song “Silver Rain” totally flashed, “Fighting in the moonlight” was bringing high spirits and “Live” is anyway our favourite. Well, the one by my friend and me. I am sure, The Souls impressed some more than only us “Die-hard-fans”. And so it continued until a really great evening ended. Even this impression began tottering for a moment cos of some discussions afterwards…

Yes, after The Souls have started their new tour leg in Langnau last weekend (it’s when I’ve been with Rival Kings in Zurich though), they played in Köniz this Friday evening. I was looking forward to this concert a lot. Not only to listen and see the band again, but also to meet many aquaintances, who had announced themselves too. And the concerts, I had seen in Köniz before, always have been very nice. Besides The Souls had already performed at Rossstall Köniz in 2013, back then still with the old name Undiscovered Soul. “…we are still the same though”, Jay was laughing, after he corrected the announcement of the organisator, mentioning that they had changed name in the meantime and aren’t named Undiscovered Soul any longer. Umm, I’d say, almost the same: After all the band did develope since, became better and more experienced.

It’s always a great feeling to see a band on a stage again, you’ve seen them before. Esp. if several years lay inbetween. In the fast moving music business it’s not for granted, that a band is still existing at all. So many experiences and memories came together in these years. Yes, a little nostalgia belongs to it. As a fan of a band you are in such moments super happy and proud then.

The Souls changed setlist in the new year. Differently than my friend thought, with “Where You Belong” it was only one song being added to the setlist again, the happier we were about it though. The song from their EP “Green” they hadn’t played in a while. They started the concert, as already mentioned, with “Silver Rain” again. It’s so suitable for a concert start. Already after the first song you are totally bowled over then.

The band made the impression to have a lot of fun on this stage, even some weren’t as fit yet after having been ill. The stage is bigger than the last ones, so they could have a fling. Furthermore René Kunz did the light for them that evening. Even it won’t bother me too much, if there won’t be any extensive light show, a great light show is huge fun after all. Like when during “Stay” Jay was suddendly standing in the spotlight all alone and the others were quickly faded out, just to appear in the right moment in the colorful lights again. “Stars” is with the matching light even more beautiful and more touching. And during “Run Baby Run” they were bliking in the background exactly in time. I was glad though, that there was no fog machine. With my cough I definitely wouldn’t have been able to cope with on that evening. Phew, it was exausting enough to surpress it. No, staying at home was no option. I wasn’t that ill.

The audience on this evening was very quite, listening very closely. It wasn’t even necessary to ask for silence, Jay realized, when they played ballades as “Cry” or “Whole”, or when they went down into the middle of the audience to sing “Tandem” and “Nowhere Man” only accompaigned by an accoustic guitare. In the discussions afterwards someone criticized that the audience wasn’t going along enough. But you know how upset I sometimes am about bad audiences. The audience in Köniz was totally okay.

The concert just seemed to be finished way too soon again, but the feeling of satisfaction and bliss was big. Some discussions afterwards did first unhinge this feeling a bit though. Some didn’t think the sound was good enough, others thought one should change the setlist, the audience was too quite and not going along enough… and what elese got criticized. Am I really this unobjective? May I have to mention that these critics also were musicians? They hear and see probably not the same as I do anyway.

In the end the concert was right for me this way. I went home happy and content. That’s the most improtant, isn’t it?! And before I keep overanalysing everything and leave the concert frustrated, I prefer to stay an unobjective fan, who’s enjoying the smallest moments with all the sense and senselessness. Fans are just sometimes not so objective, but this with fullest passion 😉

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