The Souls in Lyss

On Friday The Souls played at Cine Happenings in Lyss. Generally people go there to see the movie of the day at the openair cinema, but a friend and I went there only because of the band.

After I had seen them a week before on the big Loreley stage, it was indeed kinda weird to see them on this small one. Shortly after 8 pm they started their 45mins show and had troubles with the technics at the beginning. But the system of Cine Happenings wasn’t really the best and apparently back in other years the stage was bigger too. But well, the focus is the cinema.

They started with their beautiful “Close my eyes” and played a mix of older titles as well as new songs, which will be found on the upcoming album “Closed Eyes” (release: 26.08.2016). Shortly before the performance they’ve still been wrtiting the setlist, when I suggested to play my favourites “Ask Me” and “Live”. But if they really played both of them because I asked them to? But of course I was very happy about. Except of them they played again the very new title “Stay”, with they had opened their Loreley show. It sure was great to hear a new song at Loreley, one, that I didn’t know yet. But at Loreley I’ve been so surprised about it, that only this time I really got to listen and realize it properly.

The audience wasn’t the biggest one on that evening and partly didn’t really seem too interested either. You sure wish that it was different for the bands, but you can imagine that I still enjoyed their performance. It was especially nice to see The Souls on a Swiss stage again. Didn’t know yet at this point, that I was going to see them already the next day again…  


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