The Souls in Winterthur

The tour of The Souls continued and brought them this evening to Winterthur into the music club Albani.

I was in this music club for the first time, even a friend said that couldn’t be possible. Yes, it’s the way it is. I’ve been at Albanifest before, but never at Albani. The club is celebrating their 30 years anniversary next year, of organising concerts and parties. Even Pearl Jam have played in this club years ago, as guitarist Michi mentioned. Because the club is this small, they have even played only accoustic.

Yes, the location isn’t big. There’s a gallery, but the Souls bass palyer was put into the darkest corner in the back next to the drummer and one of the amps was standing next to the stage on the bar. In a small niche directly above the band the eye, the album logo of the band, was hanging. In the location is room for 250 visitors and with 50 presales it was the best presale of this tour so far. So the club wasn’t bursting, but well visited.

On this evening The Souls almost played without setlist. They have forgotten it. But luckly the drummer still found one. Well, possibly I would have found a setlist on my phone. I had to laugh a little, when they started the counting in again… However it became a great concert and a super evening again with old and new friends being part of it.

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