Touch The Mountains 2018

High in the sky the paragliders were gliding towards Höhenmatte. Just strolling lesurely through Interlaken’s streets, let the sun shine into your face and grabbing here and there a mulled wine or punch. The 1st of January in Interlaken is tradition and was marked by Swiss music for the 14th time already. This time it was more like 50/50 “my program” and obviously a lot less audience than it was before. I was still happy and just wanted to listen to everyone.

In the middle of the city a guggenband played, at the hight of Victoria hotel I met a group of Treichler and the 2018 ice sculpture was highly coveted as a photo opportunity. Just a stone’s throw ahead there were also the usual Alphorn players. It’s nice to just go out on January 1st, to enjoy the sun and listen to music.  And at the time it did not take long anymore until the music program started.

That this year’s program didn’t draw as much as in other years, was noted on the Golden Circle. Shortly before opening, there was hardly anyone in front of it to get the front rows and it seemed far from sold out this year. But it was all the more beautiful that the place filled up well at the start.

Baba Shrimps honored Hanery Amman

For Baba Shrimps there has been only one way in the last years: straight up. And so in the meantime they became a delicacy and anything but simply eaten up. This way or similar was the announcement to the first band and let not only smirk me.

Matching the start of the new year and another of their “Road To Rome” stage, Zurich trio Baba Shrimps kicked off the openair with “Wish You Luck”. This was followed by about an hour of their biggest and most recent hits. These included “Back To Where The Light Is” with the Faithless part, “Don’t Wanna Hide”, the beautiful “Calling Out For You” as well as the album title song “Road To Rome”.


My first concert of the year and the heart was jumping for joy. ♥

The band was pleased that so many people had come to listen to them on this beautiful sunny day. Already after the second song frontman Adi got too warm and started to undress. He also was wearing a pair of long underwear. Yes this year again it was hard to believe that it’s really winter, not early spring. The thermal underwear was too warm for me too.

Of course, the current single “Hurry Hurry”, which they wrote for the Winter Olympics in Pyeogchang, wasn’t missing. Before that, however, they first played the OneRepublic cover “Feel Again”. In the middle of this song they started playing “Alperose” unexpectedly: With this small, surprising introduction, the band honored the dialect legend Hanery Ammann, who had passed away the day before. A small homage that made one’s heart leap.

They finished their performance with the acoustic version of “Little House”. Anyone who has missed Baba Shrimps or could not get enough: The Zurich band will play on January 27, 2018 already back in the region, at Mokka Thun.

Manillio started relaxed and easy into the first day of the year

With Manillio it continued unhurried. The band entered the stage and played a short intro before Manillio joined. With “Kryptonit” he continued easy and relaxed. That’s why I was looking forward to Manillio. His beats and melodies mixed with his melancholy create a certain flow that brings a great concert with it.

With “Stärne” Manillio sent good wishes to 2018 and to the coming, new generations. For El Dorado FM title “Nada”, the audience was jumping along and some guys in between even formed the desired mosh pit.

His hit “Monbijou” is always somehow sweeping everyone away. Only the encore was missing in the end anyway. Whereby the following act at the end of the set also stumbled somehow directly into the encore and skipped the procedure of leaving and coming back to stage again. 😉

The spark didn’t jump over properly

The break in style from hip hop to blues was finally noticed pretty well. The Golden Circle emptied extremely during the concert of Marc Amacher. Somehow the spark did not seem to jump over for most people.

The former The Voice of Germany participant couldn’t be put off, but nevertheless sent himself in properly and showed full body use during the show. That he is a musician with heart and soul, couldn’t be overseen. And the concert visitors who stayed had fun at the musicians concert.

In addition to covers by AC/DC and Jimmy Hendrix, he also played Depech Mode’s “Personal Jesus”. He told us about his talent casting show experiences and the meeting with superstar Robbie Williams. Amacher himself knows very well that he sometimes keeps chating and talking too much 😉

I could not distinguish his own songs from the covers very well. They are rather outside of my repertoire. But I thought that especially the dialect songs suited him very well. Since about September Marc Amacher is now on tour with the current trio and if I got that right, there will probably be an album in 2018.

A serenade for Polo and Hanery

Shortly before Chuelee continued, Hanery Amman was again honored by the organizers, along with Polo Hofer who also had passed away in 2017. The presenter let the audience sing “Alperose”. Actually a nice gesture and great how the audience sang along knowing the words. However, I was not so convinced of the way of this honor. Quickly singing the first verse with chorus and then that was pretty much it already. The Baba Shrimps idea felt a lot more special and thoughtful…

Chuelee swaying to Trauffer cover

Chuelee let the audience sing along to the Oberland folk song “Vogellisi” already at the beginning and swaying to Trauffer’s “Müeh mit de Chüeh”. When Gabalier’s “Hulapalu” came up and it started raining, for me it was definitely the time to go. According the motto, you have your party but for me that’s nothing.

Sure, there would have been the fireworks and shouldn’t this lantern action take place? But with rain that was only moderately great. Since I was looking forward to the warm living room. Baba Shrimps and Manillio were my highlights and for the rest I will come back next year. I just go to such events because of the music …;)


Have you been there or what will your first concert in the new year be?

I wish you all a good and successful 2018! ♥


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