Touch The Mountains Interlaken 2019

On the occasion of the 15th anniversary of Touch The Mountains there was a real bang in Interlaken. The currently hottest live band Hecht, the newcomer Saint City Orchestra and dialect artist Bligg celebrated the first day of the new year together with more than 30’000 visitors.

Never before have so many people been on site this early, the security discussed. There were already so many waiting impatiently for the already delayed admission. Whilst most of the Golden Circle ticket holders were still enjoying some mulled wine and snacks and taking their time to find their spots, everyone else was waiting around the barriers early. After all, everyone wanted a good view of the stage when the party started.

Hecht rocked the longest concert

Already arrived the day before and started the new year relaxed, Hecht were ready for the Touch The Mountains fans as well as their “longest concert” ever. To see the end of the crowd towards the west station was almost impossible.

With Hecht the fun was guaranteed. From the beginning the band made sure that nobody froze. Well, one of the band was apparently wearing long underpants. They wanted to reveal who that was at some point during the concert.

more photos on Photo gallery: Hecht at Touch The Mountains 2019

They started with “Erschti Tag vo mim Läbe” and continued with the first gymnastic exercises to “Gymnastique” and crazy jumps to “Fiji”. Keyboarder Gisi also turned up again during his solo. He climbed stage scaffolds and raced through the audience. With “Radio Beromünster” they formed a moshpit in which frontman Stefan personally cheered on the audience. To relax there was some reggae for “Surfer” and with “Brissago” the encouragement to dare to do something.

The band will dare doing a lot in the upcoming autumn. During the last 2 years for Hecht it went unbelievably well, so after a concert break it’s off to the Hallenstadion. If you want to be there when Hecht tears down the Zurich arena, it’s best to get your ticket for October 26. This will be fun.
(Tickets you can get at Ticketcorner.)

After a short pull-out the five returned in pink jackets and pulled their choreo through in best boygroup manner – 1,2,3,4…. and also roared energetically with “Charlotta” one last time over the stage. Some fans even ended the party on the shoulders of each other, as the band had wished.

So we stood there at the end of the show wondering: So who wore the long underpants? That was obviously forgotten 😉

Irishrock from Eastern Switzerland

Yes after this start the second act didn’t have it easy. Many spectators suddenly disappeared. What to expect with an unknown band.

The newcomers Saint City Orchestra arrived with the album “Chaos” (you should listen to it) released in November and tried to keep the vibes high with their Irishrock. They still had a considerable audience and involved it into the show. Well, at the beginning it seemed a bit though. But already at the 2nd or 3rd song accordionist Gabriel and violinist Eva stood in the middle of the Golden Circle on barrels and heated up the audience close up.

So they could inspire more and more in the course of the concert. The band even started a “Circle Of Death”, which was rather harmless then. Unlike at metal concerts, people didn’t seem to know much about it. Instead of pogo there were dances and a happy Irish party. That seemed to heat up the front guy and accordionist because suddenly the shirts disappeared… maybe Irish blood flows into the eastern Swiss after all?

more photos on Photo gallery: Saint City Orchestra at Touch The Mountains 2019

The mood rose and especially the invitation for beer on stage was happily followed by some. In the end more than the planned 10 people celebrated with the band.

Regular guest Bligg let them talk

For the last act the audience crowded tightly in front of the stage again. Currently on the road with his current album “Kombination” and shortly before the end of the tour (on 26.01.2019 in Zweisimmen) Bligg finished the show. Bligg is already a regular guest and provided enthusiasm on New Year’s Day in Interlaken the fourth time.

With new hits from the album, which he also diligently gave away to the audience, as well as all the old well-known songs like “Musig i de Schwiz”, “Rosalie” or ballads like “Hilf mir”, he really heated up the fans again. With ZID he even brought along a guest and played “In Tüüfus Chuchi” with him. In the course of the show there was also a duet with brother Sam-B.

Shortly before the end of the show Bligg brought Magdalena onto the stage and Peschä, also standing next to him at lightning speed. Um, isn’t security doing its job there? Bligg joked. He gave the still very young Magdalena the advice not only for the beginning of New Year: “La si redä” – let them talk and listen, beside to the parents, especially to your own little heart.

more photos of Bligg you can find here Photo gallery Bligg at Touch The Mountains 20192

3 minutes to fireworks

Three minutes to fireworks? Bligg saw no problem and didn’t let himself be stressed at the end of the show. There had to be so much time left.

Once again the organizers amazed the visitors with the fireworks lasting about 20 minutes. And those who still didn’t have enough could party at the aftershow parties at Kursaal or on the ice rink of the Ice Magic.

The concert year 2019 has begun.

Info about Touch The Mountains can be found here

Info about the band here

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