Tous en choeur avec Bastian Baker

While entering the hall I had the feeling I could feel the tension and anticipation downright. Maybe it was only my own emotion situation though. And yes, the tiredness sure had some influence on this day. After the Songbird Festival in Davos I had only 4 hours of sleep and a 5 hours trip to Montreux. Jumpiness and excitment, anticipation and insecurity mixed with what do I know else.

Tous en choeur avec Bastian Baker“ – with the first steps through the door of this hall I was already quite overwhelmed. The auditorium Stravinski got a capacity up to 4000 seats and then the big stage, the balcony, the light wood and the many lights, the sparkling room… impressiv! The auditorium was filled with chitchat and laughters. And when I finally was standing in front of my seat with the help of the attendant, I was kinda gobsmacked: The seat was not just sidewards close to the front, it was actually front row.

Bastian Baker  played his songs on this weekend not just with his band of four (background singer Priscilla was missing), but a choir of 200 in the audiotirum Stravinski in Montreux. They played three concerts and I was part of the last one, on Sunday afternoon. On short notice I got my ticket. Somehow I had the feeling, I shouldn’t miss this after all. It was the 5th time this even took place, on which the choir worked together with a musician. I don’t know the other musicians though.

Around 5.15 pm the light went out, the band and the choir got ready and took their places. The intro started. On the screen you could see Bastian grinning into the camera. He entered the hall from the foyer with thundering applause and rejoicing, crossed it with his guitare and enterted stage to start the concert with “Lucky”. From the very first moment I got swept of my feet. My heart was thumbing wildly of excitmend. I hadn’t seen Bastian Baker live since Energy Air and was simply already looking forward to see a concert again. And then such a special one.

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Full of energy and passion Jacky Locks conducted his choir, while Bastian and his band rocked the sage. I was so impressed by the atmosphere in the audience – despite the seats. Everytime totally goosebumps when the choir gently began and became louder. I hardly could sit still on my chair, would have loved to jump up. During “Leaving Tomorrow” [Video here] it was brewing up already and latest with “One Last Kiss”, when Bastian only acompained by Simon at the keys and by the choir sang the wonderful ballade there in the front, the flood of tears started and actually didn’t stop til the end of the concert. Esp. during songs like “Kids Off The Streets” by which I am always very touched. So many emotions came together. Once Bastian rocked with the whole band and full of energy during “79 Clinton Street” and the audience even got on their feet. Then he gently picked the strings of his guitar during “I won’t cry” – only accompained by the choir. Or he let the choir sing his “I’d sing for you” all by themselves. Welcomings, stories and comments between the songs I didn’t really understand though (ok, actually not at all. It was all in French.), but this seemed somehow not so important. The music, the band ,the choir, the whole atmosphere in the audience – indescribable. And then Bastian even sang in French a song called “Ensemble”. And with “Le raz de vaches” [Video here], which was accompaigned by an alpenhorn, as well as the national anthem, which followed, it became very traditional and patrotic.

With the last song suddendly some fans stormed to the edge of the stage, a big part of the audience followed. None had to tell me twice of course. And the concert ended with “Dirty Thirty”. Well, almost. Actually many encorse followed beyond the setlist and seemed barely to find an end.

I’ve seen so many concerts and shows in my life, but this was sure one of the most beautiful and most incredible ones. Such a (huge) choir is just magical. After I actually spent then at least 1 hour on the Christmas market: Not just, cos I was there anyway and like the market, but to actually to wind down and get myself sorted again… And as if that wasn’t enough genious yet: The whole concert of this day is now available on DVD. There couldn’t have been a better souvenir. And I keep getting goosebumps every time I put the dvd-player on.

Setlist Tous En Choeur avec Bastian Baker

DVD is available at the Webseite of Tous en Choeur


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