Trash-Pop and Alpentainer

Fäbs @ Konzepthalle 6 Thun

It’s always interesting how musician sometimes see their concerts so totally different to the audience. Okay, yes, there were maybe some mistakes in the show and the atmosphere at the other concerts was also better, but these are sometimes only negligibilities and not necessarily a problem. Maybe the expectations for the concert or audience were simply very deep and so it was a surprise, how well it turned out? Well, are musicians ever 100% happy anyway?

Well, this weekend was a highlight for me. I am definitively always sceptical towards Konzepthalle 6 in Thun. The Thun audience is in my eyes one of the lamest and in this location it never was very euphoric. So far the concerts outside of Thun were generally better. But still I was “at home and I didn’t have to go far. I was travelling by bike. Realyl great. And  ZIBBZ did manage to get a bit out of the people with their trash pop. Though Fäbs, who played as a support for Zibbz, do sure have talent and the singer is singing good, but there was something missing and I wasn’t properly convinced. Others also do only performe with an accoustic guitare but it seems a lot more impressive and energetic with others.

The audience sure was another one though as e.g. with Caroline Chevin or Al Pride, who played there before. So I thought it was really good.

We were off going out then and had barely some sleep (the two hours of sleep can’t really be counted). I was so totally tired the whole day, but still wide awake and not able to sleep. So i was of to the Trauffer concerts. 8 mintues by bike one way. Just brilliant. I was so tired, but as soon as Trauffer’s intro started, the tiredness was quickly gone. At least til shortly before the concert ended. It was super fun and I felt greatly entertained.

Trauffer @ Hünibach
Trauffer @ Hünibach

About both concerts I wrote down my impressions for So best is you go over there.

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