Trauffer in Olten

“Um, it became a bit bigger now”, Marc grinned as I greeted him after the concert. – Eh yes, sure a little bit …;) – I think of the small Fjord show back then in Baden, where he was stage diving with about 10 people around him. And I remember the countless village festivals somewhere out in the middle of nowhere. It will become even bigger in fall, when Trauffer will celebrate the largest of the Alpine parties for his 20-years anniversary with various guests at Hallenstadion.

Welcome in the alpine village

At 6 pm the gates to the ice stadium in Olten opened. Big and small, young and old came here. It was a totally mixed crowd, a real family concert. Some wore dirndl, the others edelweiss shirts. Everywhere you saw fans with Trauffer caps and t-shirts.

The DJ in the middle of the ice stadium had already started his pre-show playlist. Were initially  various chart hits played, it changed later increasingly to the party schlager hits. Especially, of course, after the concert at the after show party. And while some people fed themselves at the drinks and food stalls of the specially prepared alpine village, the others bought merchandise. The hall was mostly filled with show start, but some had secured the top spots right from the beginning.

Since March, Trauffer has been touring Switzerland with his baggage, which includes three large extra-labled trucks. Many laugh at Trauffer and his success. But the sale numbers and the enthusiasm of the steadily growing fan base probably speaks for itself: His current sixth album “Schnupf Schnaps + Edelwyss” was awarded platinum within a very short time. His 13 shows tour is sold out, except for a few  single tickets. These are capacities around 4000-5000 visitors if not more.

Support from Thun

At 8 pm young US-born Liam Spichiger  entered the stage as Cove with his acoustic guitar. The musician, who had just turned 20, began to get the audience into the mood during a half-hour set. Cove played his own songs, but also a cover of his idol Michael Jackson, that was “The Way You Make You Feel”.

An Alpenchalb on tour

The fountain on the stage splashed away. Not too long after Cove, it became dark and the small windows on the chalet lit up reddish. Yodelling sounded. Three flag-wavers entered the stage and began to swing the big flags. Meanwhile, the band positioned themselves and set off with turned on light. The Alpentainer was announced after a few beats. The chalet door swung open with loud cheers and “The one with the cows” appeared in the green alpine jacket, with a walking stick and also the accordion on the backpack in the luggage.

As he’s runing almost breathless over the stage and making jokes, you sure may think, Trauffer is really somehow a “Alpechalb”. It was happening right there. His “Frl. Marty ” Trauffer then also found very quickly among the concert visitors. The party really started now. The “special effect” – the swinging butts of the band members – included. Knowing the lyrics, the audience sang loudly song by song.

The Alpentainer then put the jacket away and grabbed the guitar. It became a little quieter with the beautiful, current single “Schärischnitt”. Goosebumps were guaranteed. Also with the following “Heldin”, which he dedicated with approving cheers to the women, the mothers, who ensure that everything always works out.

Marc then swapped the guitar for his accordion and did start to talk not too seriously about the soundcheck. It was because a pretty lady appeared. He wanted to show his chalet with double bed and sauna standing behind him to her. But she just said “sorry, you are too young for me”.

Tradition very modern

Although Trauffer does not necessarily see himself as a musician but more as an entertainer, his shows are musically versatile and really top. He has a great band to support him along with guitars, bass, drums, piano or even accordeon. Guitar battles, wild bass or drum solos are played throughout the evening. And he, too, sits down at his wooden log piano, grabs the accordion or even strikes a chord.

Trauffer also combines tradition with modernity. In addition to accordion and yodeling, there was rock’n’roll with “Zwätschgelisi” and reggae during “Liire”. In between, they danced “Zumba” and during “Dr Gipfel” the audience started the choreo, which was created sometime on the last tour.

Trauffer  likes to refer to a few clichés that sometimes come true, sometimes just do not last. So he addressed a visitor about her husband and all the forgotten celebrations: Forgotten birthdays? Forgotten Valentine’s Day? Forgotten anniversaries? Worst, forgotten about the wedding day? He brought the couple, who has been married for 34 years, to the stage. However, the husband never forgot their wedding day.

Nevertheless, Marc sat the two with a glass of champagne in front of the chalet and sat himself behind the piano. In the name of the forgetful husband – who did not turn out to be so forgetful – he sang to his wife the beautiful “Alphorn + Ragete” from the current album. So wonderful romantic kitschy – at least in the heart and in front of the inner eye he conjured fireworks.

How to become a rockstar

The couple was released to their place in the audience again and Trauffer rocked in leather jacket along with singer Moni on the runway. Who would like to become a rock star when grown up? Trauffer asked and brought Lukas out of the audience onto the stage. The boy was also put into a leather jacket and given a guitar into his hands. And so he and Trauffer stroke a chord during “Bier + Cervelat”. Well, at least they pretended to do so – Huggi and Frank actually played the solos for them 😉 The boy had to hand over the jacket again. He was allowed to keep the signed guitar though. What a present!

Change of scene. Leather jacket and electric guitar were dropped and it was again a bit more traditional. A “stubete” followed. The way it’s done, the audience was allowed to wish songs – well, kind of “alibi-like” at least ;). First, they played “Zickechrieg” – one of my favorites from the “Schnupf Schnaps + Edelwyss” album. This was followed by “Obsi oder Nizi” and to the refrain of “Burebüebli” the whole Olten ice stadium rocked “Mal ufe, mal abe, mal links, mal rechts” – up and down, left and right. “Rössli + Bären” was also included into the stubete.

Schnupf Snaps + naked wanderer

Trauffer refused to play “Wanderer”. Did everyone even listen to the CD up to this very last song? Of course! And so he did surrender. Suddenly, however, a naked wanderer sneaked across the stage in the background during the song. Yes, who looked more exactly – which was not so clear from the very back – saw that it was a costume 😉 Played surprised, the song was immediately stopped and the stubete ended with “Schacherseppli”. But not before the motor skills and reaction of the audience was tested with a clapping game.

Fog fumes then shot into the air as Trauffer energetically whirled across the stage to the album title song “Schnupf Schnaps + Edelwyss” , animating the audience thereby to jump and dance along. This included a short snooze break with the fans, before it came with “Sennesinger” already to the end of the concert. But not without introducing the band in detail and letting them present themselves with their own solos.

Trouble with the deco plants

The chalet door opened and Trauffer came out from behind the stage again. It continued with “Müeh mit  de Chüeh” (trouble with cows) into the encore. Everyone swaying along and singing loudly. Whether they sang along in the very back just like the ones in front? That had to be found out. So Trauffer made an alley through the audience and ran back to the mixing table. While he sang there with the audience, someone suddenly put one of the deco plants into his arms. At the back near the beverage chalets some waved with other plants. Um, well, he’d just like to take them to the next concerts, grinned Trauffer and then pulled back on stage at the end of the song.

Although “Geissepeter” had been highly controversial by the media and quite plucked apart, it was still not missing in the program. With a Trauffer confetti rain the show reached its top. It was once again celebrated wildly before Trauffer and the band said goodbye for good with the beautiful “Alpzyt”, the former farewell song from their self-built recording studio at Justistal.

The biggest alpine party in the middle of Zurich

That was over 2 hours of concert: varied, super entertaining and full of incredible energy. You can think what you want of Trauffer, but with the band and the crew, he puts an incredible show on stage. And it does not matter how big the concert halls are, he seems down-to-earth and close to the audience. He also does not take himself too seriously. If you want to be away from everyday life, again having a nice party, but also experiencing beautiful, soulful moments and some goose bumps, you are right at Trauffer’s for sure.

As if that was not enough, Trauffer sits down after the concerts and takes care of his fans autograph and photo requests til up to 2 hours.

Until the end of the tour on the 26th of May there will be 3 more concerts, after they will go into the festival season. Before he’ll finally take a longer break, Trauffer moves to the Hallenstadion in autumn. On the 23rd of November the biggest of his alpine parties will take place in Zurich. Tickets are available at Ticketcorner.

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