Trauffer in Sünikon

Oh yes, I don’t feel at all presured now after last nights concert, with all the advertisment for my blog, to updated very quickly and so on… I had planned to make two posts daily during my week of holidays to catch up with my reviews. Didn’t really work out. But well, one after the other, ok? Ok!

On 14th September I went to see Trauffer again. The last summer concert, then the band was going into their well deserved break. Ok, as you could see on Trauffer’s Facebookpage  – it’s not that they did nothing. Fight of the orchestras, clubtour preparations and what do I know, they actually did. But well, if we had the whole weekend booked out with Nils Burri, Kunz, Red Shoes and Undiscovered Soul concerts, we could go to Trauffer as well. It’s where I’ve been rarely recently.

What can I say, I like Marc, his band and crew just very much. It’s always great to meet them. Even when it’s in the middle of nowhere. There wasn’t even an adress for this event place – and if I wouldn’t have followed my instincts asking where that “party” actually was, I would have gone into the wrong direction. Ah yes, you probably sit in front of your computers rolling your eyes “yes Sarah, we don’t know it any differently” – same with me. thihi. So, off to Süniker Chilbi – to see what it was like.

The show by Trauffer was meant to start at 6pm. A reason why I went there on a Sunday – it was possible to easily get home by public transport. Somewhere in the middle of nowhere of Zurich, in the small village Sünikon. Okay, stop, got to correct myself – Sünikon is a part of the communicty Steinmaur, belongs to Zurich lowlands. These are moments you think, ok, if here wouldn’t take place any concerts, I’d never come here. Though, the place apparently got stone ruins, who knows if it was worth it. Along the road the stage was standing and a small path went up to the festival tent. Along the whole way benches and tables were standing. Fried saussages, fries and beer got seved, some were wearing dirndls. Dirndl events? Uhh, not really mine. A bit further up there probably were some market stands or something like that. Simply a proper village festival. Baby, grandma and grandad, everyone was there. The soundcheck was just on.

More kids kept gathering in front of the stage. As soon as the merchandise table was put up, young and old came to it curiously. The kids already got posters and cards for after the concert. And at 6pm in time the band followed by Marc came on stage. The kinds were standing there almost motionless and kept starring on stage with big eyes. As usual the show started with “Alpentainer” and hey, I really liked the setlist. There were several songs I hadn’t heard in a long time. Variety is always good. And what can I say, they always make it. No mather where, how small or big the festival is, if Trauffer is performing, there are good vibes. A group of young girls and boys were standing already on the benches and Marc finally ran over to them to let them dance limbo on the benches during “Takatiki Bar”. I’m sure, if the concert would have taken longer, the one or other table or bench would have broken. They bent quite a lot. Together they kept animating the audience in the back to go along. But it’s just the way Marc and band are telling about the trouble with the cows, singing about girl’s legs or girls from West Switzerland. All the people want to party immediately, when Trauffer appeares. Of course also during “Zumba” everyone was screaming and dancing again. The drum solo wasn’t missed either of course and yes, a huge rambazamba as always.

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I like Sunday concerts. And after such a weekend with all the shows and concerts, you can start into the new week especially motivated.

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