Undiscovered Soul on Mühleplatz in Thun

The big wheel was embalonced on the square, at the back the small festival stage of “Am Schluss” – colorful and ready to be played on. 1st August – national holiday. There were some drops falling after all, the grey clouds were disappearing quickly then though. There was finally a wonderful sunset over Thun. Well, I don’t like fireworks too much and the village celebrations are generally not very exciting. So nothing better than to celebrate our small country with one of our national, even local, bands on the Mühleplatz in Thun and to support them. Home, sweet home. After a turbulent evening on the night before, now nicely relaxed and only left home half an hour before the concert started. Or something like this anyway ^^

Against all odds, the place was crowded. Family, friends, acquaintances, relatives and fans all came to see Undiscovered Soul live on stage. Before the six of them entered stage and could start, the organizer gave a speech. There the topic is again you should’t complain about free concerts, but… well, we better won’t get too much into details. The festival would be acutally great. Not just a chance for bands but also for the audience to discover new music. But in future I’ll think about it twice, if I’ll visit the festival “Am Schluss”. Before the concert, in the break AND between the last song and the encore the audience had to listen to some things. Some things were legitimate an dok, the you can let everyone know your opinion and concern. But others… almost a wonder, that none actually left at some point. Well, we were there for Undiscovered Soul. The atmosphere during the concert was great though. As usual the concert started with “Rolling on” from their actual EP “Purple”. I of course was HUGELY looking forward to “Ask me”, a new song of the guys, that I’ve heard in July at the Musig Pavillon for the first time. I love this song so much, I think, they can keep the next EP, if it’s not on it 😉 thihi (well, you know I stil lwould want to have it ;-)). As usual an energetic and passionate concert with old and new songs, such ones from the album and the eps, plus others – like “Let The Time Pass By”, “No words”, “Categorized”, “Nothing”, of course “Tandem” and the epic “the Fall”. After half of the concert there was a break, in which money was collected. Something like that isn’t getting funded by itself. And everyone could give what they wanted.  And then it ended too fast again. “Run Baby Run” followed as encore. It shouldn’t be the last song though. Another encore followed and as soon as the first tunes were played loads of confusion. Me and my friend were looking at each other: ” This is new, isn’t it? We don’t know this yet?”. Can you understand this at all? If you realise, that you were about to hear a new song? And this exactly one month after the last new one (“Ask Me”). The sensation, the happines and excitment – a wonderful ballade named “Cry”. And the concert ended absolutely perfect! And because you can’t get enough of Undiscovered Soul, it continued on the next day with another concert…


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