Vorstadt Sounds 2014

This was my first Vorstadt Sounds visit. Did hear about it the previous year, but it’s the first time I went there. The festival was organised the 14th time already. Originally I only had planned to go on Saturday for Baba Shrimps, but I won a festival pass at Piratenradio.ch, so my plans extended. If won, then why not. Unfortunately none wanted to join.

The Festival

So, Albisrieden. Fellenbergstrasse. This part of Zurich I definitively don’t know. If you would have asked, where we are – shrug, just somewhere in Zurich. Already getting of the tram at the stop, I was wondering where that Festival might take place. Sponsored it obvously was by the Catholic church. I got to know about this, because the catholic church of Zurich wished fun on twitter. But the festival, that was organised there, was good.
So, somewhere in the middle of Zurich at St. Konrad church at Fellenbergstrasse the Vorstadt Sounds festival took place. Already from far you could see the banner at the spire and the music was buzzing through the streets. So just following the sound. Next to many food (this curry was soo delicious! yum!) and drink stands, there were three stages. An openair stage, where free concerts took place. Then there was the small festival café plus the main stage, for what you had to pay a barely worth mentionable price. I loved the festival café. It’s mega small and super cosy. Wide stairs went down to the “stage”, on which you could sit. People were also sitting right in front of the stage or at the top next to the door, where you were sitting like on a balcony, or some were standing. There would have been more space, if people would have been standing, but it was like in a small living room. The pitch of the roof was decorated with LPS and there were lighting chains hanging from the ceiling,  the lights like little stars. The main stage was however in the auditorium, a normal event hall with a bar. Two stairs went up to the stage. The security was a bit annoying, but at some point they knew my bag content and let me directly pass.

The Bands

FROM KID, a duo from Grison. They were a quartet on stage though. I’ve heard them on the radio before and had a feeling, that I would like them. For about one hour they were playing their wonderful, melancholic singer/songwriter pop songs. Very calm, with wonderful voices and melodies the band did fit perfectly into this little festival café. There was a wonderful atmosphere. I hope very much, that they’ll release an album soon. I liked it so much. The two songs on ituens, “Colors” and “Sun” I’ve downloaded right on my way home.

From Kid @ Vorstadt Sounds

The same evening I’ve also listened to WOLFMAN. I once watched a video by them, but listening to them live it wasn’t for me at all with their spherical melodies and sounds. Just didn’t get hooked and so I didn’t listen to the whole concert.

On Saturday I was listening to CHARBEN THE BOYS for a moment. A Zurich trio, that was obviously touring in Ireland with their music. Of course I pricked up my ears. I alays do, when Ireland gets mentioned. Her music was some kind of pop/folk/country. Did sound quite down to earth and was nice. I esp. liked the voice of one of the guys a lot, but I wasn’t totally convinced by them. Something was missing. So I soon left to listen to Me.Man.Machine at main stage.

On the website of Vorstadt Sounds I did read some band descriptions and thought I might like ME.MAN.MACHINE. And yes, I liked the five member band from the very first song. Very rocky, very melancholic, but also super nice ballades. I think who likes Rival Kings and Undiscovered Soul, would like them too. I also bought their album “Reviver” then. I liked it live better, but the album is good.

Me.Man.Machine @ Vorstadt Sounds

The next band on the openair stage was obviously JEANS FOR JESUS. I’ve listened to the first song then and immediately knew, that I won’t like them. I went to get a drink then and went to listen the next soundcheck instad…

…of course BABA SHRIMPS. Exactly, because of them I went to the festival at all. The hall was very crowded and it became very cramped.

Genau, wegen ihnen bin ich ja überhaupt ans Festival gefahren. Der Saal war sehr voll und es wurde ziemlich eng.

After the crowd at the concert was sometimes rather scanty, it was great to see how many people came to listen to Baba Shrimps. And I’d claim, my 10th Baba Shrimps concert was the best so far. I felt like the band was well and relaxed, and they had a lot of fun. It was home for Babas and I was told, that they played there annually since they were founded. Must be generally something special to play there. It was a great atmosphere. Next to the actual single „Back to where the light is“, of course „Europe“, „All The City Lights“ and „Calling out for you“, my fave since I’ve heard it live for the first time, weren’t missing either. And except of this they played „Sleepless nights in Paris“. The my brain was quite overstrained. On the one side I didn’t know what song it was, on the other side I was pretty sure I’ve heard it before. However I haven’t heard it for quite a while. By now you even understand what Luca is singing with his distorted voice. Not only since this concert, but I esp. realized it there. The solos they played. Jonas on the guitare… and during „I don’t wanna hide“ there suddendly a whole group came staggering in front of me and a young womand and a guy ended up on stage. They did sang with Stephan on the micro, but it didn’t take long until the security got them off stage again.

It was a great evening, a super show. It was so much fun! I know, many people prefer to have concerts at their door steps. But ‚at home‘, at the musicians it’s often the best. At home there’s mostly the best atmosphere.

Baba Shrimps @ Vorstadt Sounds

Actually I wanted to see  TOBEY LUCAS too. mm, no chance though. The small location, the festival café, was obviously jam-packed and the queue in front oft he door huge. I did fear so. Esp. as the festival almost was bursting at the seams already, it was that much sold out. And suddendly it was a bit too much for me. It was quite annoying to struggle through the crowds.

But fort he final I won at twirling a Vorstadsounds t-shirt. A pool of CHF 2. Can’t say anything. And I sure will have a look at next year’s programme.


Videos of Vorstadt Sounds Festival 2014

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