We Invented Paris

We Invented Paris
We Invented Paris @ Gurtenfestival

I have discovered a new band at Gurtenfestival. I fell so in love with this band! I even think about it to take part in the crowdfunding. Not, that I am against crowdfunding. It’s something great and yes normaly I simply don’t really have the financial possibilities. I invest usually everthing into concert tickets. But this band would proably be worth it. (Don’t get me wrong, there are sure other bands worth it. But they


It’s not that I’ve never heard of them before. The one or other song was on the radio already. So far I also liked it. But I got informed myself more now or have heard more of them. Well, when I read, that they’d play at Gurtenfestival, it was sure, that I’d go to listen to them. And Boom! I fell so in love with this band. Indie-Pop. I recently realized anyway, that this kind of music is mine. So, was pretty much clear that I’d like We Invented Paris. But got to discovere it first. Wonderful voices. Very nice lyrics and melodies. Rather calm sounds. But not only. So you got to fell in love into this music. I was somehow surprised, when an acquaintance from Northern Germany wrote, that she likes the band too – that she knews them. So I got informed myself and googled. The band exists since 3 years, was founded in 2010. They are some creative and adventurous heads, as it seems. At the beginning they played on a “Couchsurfing Tour”. Did travel from one to the other living room and played several concerts in Germany, Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands and Switzerland. They do finance their next album not just through Crowd funding, but did creat their own shares. So, creative heads, as it seems – not only concerning song writing. I’d say, you should have a listen, in case you don’t know them yet.

Official website HERE
We Invented Paris on itunes HERE
We Invented Paris on Youtube HERE


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