Warum Planet Sarah?

Love concerts 1996 I visited my very first concert at Letzigrund stadium in Zurich with 42’000 visitors. I’ve always been a big Kelly Family fan. The more quite they became, the more other bands were added. Every year the number of concert visits increased. I tried to take pictures of the events as a souvenir. The older I got the more I became interested in various bands and musician, and nowadays it’s my biggest hobby, my passion. There’s nothing more I love than going to concets, getting to know people and music, meet friends. Clubs or similar isn’t for me at all. I love being a fan supporting “my” bands and musician.

In the last years there were more from the Swiss music scene added. So I came to a point, when I thought it would be a pitty to store all the photos only in boxes, on CDs or hard discs. So I decided to put them online. I tried different blogs and pages, went over to facebook and now I am sharing my pictures and experiences here. These are of course my own experiences, views and opinions. Possibly they are different to others.