Love concerts In 1996, I attended my very first concert at the Letzigrund stadium in Zurich with 42,000 spectators. I’ve always been a big fan of The Kelly Family, but the quieter they became, the more I became interested in other bands and musicians.

Every year, the number of concerts attended increased. I have always tried to take photos of the events as souvenirs. This is now my favorite hobby, my passion. It’s not just about the bands and their music but also about the journey, meeting friends and getting to know new people. Simply everything about the concert experience.

Honestly, I love being a fan and supporting “my” bands and musicians. Especially from 2012, more and more bands and musicians from the Swiss music scene came along. Many think so, I would only listen to Swiss music 😉 We have so many great Swiss bands and musicians that I like to listen very often and very much. But not only. The world is full of great music 🙂

At some point I thought it was a pity to keep all the photos in boxes, on CDs or hard disks. So I decided to put them online. I tried various blogs and pages and went over to Facebook. Now I also share my pictures and experiences here. With the help of WordPress and learning by doing (Google is your friend;)) I have built myself this page.

Since the summer of 2016, I am also increasingly traveling as a concert photographer. That means, not only with the pocket camera in the bag but also with a more professional SLR camera (this requires an accreditation).

The reports and posts on are my own and personal experiences, views and ideas. These are influenced by feelings and diverse circumstances. You may have different views. Next to my 100% Office Job not all the concerts and event reports make it on my blog, but as many as possible.

Enjoy browsing and reading. ♥