ZKB Nachtschwärmer unplugged 2016

Do you remember the train concert I told you about last year? For their ‘Nachtschwärmer’ campagne Zurcher Kantonalbank organised in cooperation with ZVV (Zurcher Verkehrsverbund) and SFR (Swiss federal railways) also this year the “ZKB Nachtschwärmer unplugged” again. And thanks to Zurcher Kantonalbank me and a friend could join again.

Last year Bligg, Stefanie Heinzmann and Baba Shrimps played each short showcases in the moving urban train. This was definitively a highlight. And also the second time it wasn’t less great. I like small concerts anyway a lot. And in the train, where you even get food and drinks, it’s super genious. Delicious snacks and great music – fabulous, isn’t it? Next to Bligg, who was part of it again, this time The Voice Of Switzerland winner Nicole Bernegger  and James Gruntz performed short sets. Because of the big demand even the double of tickets was given away – all together for 300 participants – and two rides organised. The first ride was in the afternoon, the second in the early evening, where we could get in too.

My friend met me beaming already: Cos Bligg had taken photos with the already waiting fans. So she was ready for the concert tour. I though was late, however later than planned, because today off all days my train between Bern and Zurich got cancelled. Good, I had planned enough time. From 7 pm on the participants were checked in and welcomed with an apiritif: Differently to the year before there were no hotdogs but small snacks as cheese pies, ham croissants and tomato soup. Mmm, a great attunement on this rainy day. Of course there were also enough drinks. And additionally everyone got again an extra for the event designed gymbag. Funnily I was again in the group that started with the Bligg showcase.

All three bands got each installed into a waggon. While the urban train was moving through canton Zurich, they played their mini concerts. During short stops the groups changed waggons, so in the end, back at the main station, each group had seen all showcases. During all three shows there was a great atmosphere. You were in the middle of it all. Differently to the other two acts all this wasn’t new to Bligg anymore, even though he said something differently. But you could see that he had fun with this small, intimate gig. He played during the recently finished tour as always the big locations. As expected he was the wildest one. He was running up and down the aisle, took even selfies with the fans and turned the urban train waggon with his brother Sam-B and songs as “Manhatten”, “Rosalie”, “Söldner” or the actual single “Yeah, Baby” in a party cave.

Nicole Bernegger, who’s using public transport herself regularly, just got interviewed when we changed the waggon. I was very much looking forward to see her live again. With her very own style and the incredible voice she’s one of my favourite female Swiss singers. Nicole and her band enthused everyone with her soul and songs as “Danger” or “Don’t Stay Away” that you probably have heard before. Drumsolos and small mini jam sessons were inclusive. During the last stopover it unfortunately was lashing down and we flew quickly into the next, dry waggon. But not everyone got stopped from going over to the foodtent on the platform. Sure that’s what it was there for.

The following set of James Gruntz had compared to the others the least songs in the set, but the longest so. With his jazzy funky pop songs they made people quickly dance and sing along. Right at the beginning he warned, that inbetween at some point the energy was going to be gone. That happend always at the same spot and they already experienced it twice. They obviously didn’t really know themselves, what was the reason. He and the band started their set with “Countless Raods” then, what also included “Closer”, my favourite “Song To The Sea” or of course “Heart Keeps Dancing”. And indeed, after about half of the set, the energy suddendly was gone. Luckily not for too long. The train pulled into the main station again around 10 pm, but a very last song was still possible.

The “ZKB Nachtschwarmer unplugged” left again a totally thrilled audience. At the end even Bligg got off the train and took lots of selfies, answered some questions. Oh yes, the run on him was big. The last sandwiches, strawberry tartes and drinks were given away to the guests and so everyone was sent into the night. If the participants  went out after, they even could get home for free with their ticket within the ZVV network. An absolutely successful evening!

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