ZKB Nachtschwarmer unplugged 2017

For the third time the ZKB Nachtschwarmer unplugged took place this Saturday and lady luck was good to us: We could take part in the special train concert. Tickets for this event you could only win. And “us” means, two friends and I.

For me it was indeed the third time that I could take part. Read my earlier reviews here:

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After taking part twice, Bligg wasn’t there anymore this time and Bernese Rap duo Lo & Leduc, Luzern singer/songwriter Damian Lynn as well as DJ Duo Remady & Manu-L did entertain. Yes, the latter ones were the reason I first didn’t even want to take part in the competition. But then I just didn’t want to miss the concert of Lo & Leduc, why I tried my luck. Besides I was looking forward to see Damian Lynn. I hadn’t seen him for ages, especially not with the new album.

We arrived already an hour before meeting time. The train wasn’t there yet. The check ins were already standing there though: Three small counters with three different colors. Like last year the weather left a lot to be desired, but it didn’t bother much. Most of the time we were in the dry anyway.

The three acts got installed into a waggon each. The three participators groups, which were a little bigger this time, started in a waggon each. Even before the groups were allowed into the waggons, we got drinks and snacks. Furthermore also this time every participant got a gymbag again with small surprises, among them head phones and sun glasses. The atmosphere on the platform was relaxed, but everyone became a little excited when the concert train arrived.

Well, the aperitifs of the last two times have be3en, compared to this one, maybe a little nicer and cosier. And generally the last two concert train events were a little bit better organised. But more important were the concerts. There weren’t any big differences. Two of the three were top. One of them not, just because I don’t like the kind of music.

We badly wished to be with Remady & Manu-L first, so we had it behind us. And indeed our group was assigned to them first. So we started in the dark disco waggon. The vibes were mixed to good. Even Manu animated people to go along, most seemed to have to acclimatize first. In the other waggons it probably wasn’t different.

The waggon kept kind of jumping along, when everyone started bouncing. It was impressive as well as quite frightening at the same time. Not that the train was going to jump the rails. Singers and animator Manu-L was sure nothing was going to happen. I wasn’t 100% convinced though 😉

Manu got a great voice, but I really never was a Remady fan before and I can’t do much with DJs. They had some known songs in the programme, even hits from the 90s (e.g. Blue da ba dee). I wasn’t thrilled about their versions though. So the 45min drive couldn’t be over fast enough.

The stopovers seemed somehow a lot shorter than they used to be the years before and it soon continued. Our group changed to Lo & Leduc. The rus for them was especially big. Participants of the previous groups adviced their followers: “They were great. Make sure to stand in the very front!”. So you got shoved into the waggon and the excitement was big.

Lo & Leduc played their ZKB concert train shows in a trio with keyboarder Lukas Iselin. There were more standing spots than seats and you couldn’t get any closer. The two were almost standing on the front rows 😉 Leduc even did a side trip trough the crowd to the other end of the waggon.

The atmosphere was so great. Two girls have come in red/white stripped Wally shirts and knew all the lyrics, what Lo & Leduc were sure thrilled about. Besides they loved to change the lyrics of their mix out of new and older songs matching to the train situation. So “my house, your house” simply became “My train, your train”.

When at the end of their setlist ther was still laods of time until the next stop over, they did what they do especially well: Just improvising spontaniously. That’s what Lo already did before in his freestyle, in which he had to use the words “Gin Tonic”, “Zahnbürstli” (toothbrush), “Haarspange” (hairslide) or “Pferd” (horse). One of my favourite parts of their concerts.

We would have loved to just stay in their waggon and listen to the trio all over again.

Damian Lynn did the final then. The only complete live band of the evening 😉 The last time I saw Damian live, he was only a duo with drummer Marcel, in the meantime they became a trio with an additional guitarist. Of course Damian still has his loopstation with him.

They presented the new songs from the 2nd album “Truth Be Told”, like “Clocks” and “When We Do It”; once catchy, then a little quieter. And so the beautiful “Memories” wasn’t missing either. After three concerts Damian’s voice seemed a little hoarse. That wasn’t only from this evening though. His voice was hoarse since the beginning of the week and of course didn’t get any better with the many concerts. The trio is very busy touring these days.

Even Damian’s set was at the end before we were back in the train station. So they spontaniously played a part of their worldhits medley for us. Maybe you have seen the video of Damian online, in which he’s playing 25 known songs in a medley? Here you can see the part of the ZKB train concert. With this we arrived back at the train station shortly be fore midnight.

The bands satisfied all the photo and signature request before the very last one went home too. We had so much fun again at this incomparable event. Our highlight were Lo & Leduc for sure.

All thre bands or acts are on tour this autumn by the way. The dates you can find on their websites.


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