Kensington in Amsterdam

Finally, Eloi, Caspar, Jan and Niels positioned themselves on the stage. Caspar let the guitar roar, the intro started. The square construction rose slowly into the air, the bright lights blinking and flickering. In a […]


Event tip: MUMA Bern 2017

I got an event tip for you: At the weekend of Friday, 17th November 2017 and Saturday, 18th November 2017 Swiss Live Talents Music Marathon – short MUMA – takes place in Bern. 2013 SwissAmp, […]


Halunke album release in Lyss

After their album “Superheld” was released at the end of August, Halunke celebrated on this Saturday their album release at Kufa Lyss. I admit, first it didn’t really feel like an album release party. I […]


SEAT Music Session 2017 in Thun

SEAT Music Session, the event by Basel musician Phil Danker, was taking place already for the 9th time. With mainly unknown artists but quality, the event is meant to attract visitors. This time taking part: Roger Blevins […]