Culture workshop with Häni

On today’s Tuesday evening the “culture workshop” took place in the music house Krompholz on Effingerstrasse in Bern. In addition to the normal sales and workshop business, Krompholz organizes special events every now and then. Sometimes this is in the classical field, sometimes jazz or tonight with Halunke frontman Christian Häni and guitarist Simon Rupp in the category Pop. The entry is free. There’s a collect.

An evening with Häni – workshop, stories and songs

I had thought twice about going there. I mean, when they talk shop and discuss about the whole technics of their instruments and music, then I just have no clue. I, who do not play any instrument myself. But since they wanted to play some songs in addition, it could possibly be interesting for me as well.

Häni hoped that we were not too disappointed that he wasn’t Luca Hänni now, grinned the Halunke frontman. I had to laugh. Only at lunchtime a working mate had interrogated and understood that I went to Luca Hänni. [By the way, I saw Luca Hänni live before. ]

Where are the guitarists?

The two started with the song “Level 7”, before it became already technical with “Gar Ke Zyt”. Häni on his beloved acoustic guitar, which he had selected from 45 different guitars at Krompholz. Simon, on the other hand, played his electric guitar. They introduced the original song version of “Gar ke Zyt”, the demo version that was a bit punk / rock oriented. For comparison, of course,  the original one followed.

Anyone who wanted could ask questions in between. But while guitarist Simon presented his first gadgets and how he was able to bring the special guitar effects into the songs, it soon became clear that not a single guitarist was there.  

Well, so the program was spontaneously changed into a bit simpler and less technical one. It became more of a story / songs evening with songs like “Schiffbruch”, “Superheld” or “Meh Meer”. They talked about the recordings on the Schildthorn and presented previous song ideas. Sometimes in the singer / songwriter style, then again more in the country style, along with a few thoughts and experiences that you have during an album production like that.

Häni the storyteller

In between, Häni was a bit worried that his stories about “Houston We Are Ok” or “Kasseschlager” might bore some people. Next to his band members, so Simon, who had heard the stories hundreds of times, also had the one or the other visitor already had heard it several times. At the end of the day, we all agreed though that Häni is the perfect storyteller and that we like to hear the same story of him even one more time.  It never gets boring with him.

He would be a good radio host, I thought during this evening, and found out that he actually used to work on the radio before. 😉 (Yeah, so with all the concerts I saw, of course, I wondered in this moment whether I really didn’t know this before?! :P)

Food and technics

Right after, there was a small aperitif with 15 different beers (well, I do not drink beer, but the number is impressive) and delicious tarte flambée. And because I was kind of disappointed that they actually had not explained all these guitar gadgets in detail, Simon still showed and explained them to me. How many were there again, 12? And he uses them all but one at the Halunke concerts. There would be devices with everything in one, but Simon prefers them separate.

Now I know in the future what I could hear when the guitarists turn buttons on their instruments and press all the devices 😉 I will test it at the next concert.

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