Josh Kumra in Luzern

“Don’t go, don’t leave, please stay, with me,” it echoed for a long time in my head. Outside it was icy cold, but inside warm and comfortable with dimmed light and candlelight. It’s almost exactly one year ago when Josh Kumra did a short tour through Switzerland in a trio with Carra and Sam. At that time, among other places, stopping at the Soho in Wangen an der Aare, with a handful of concert visitors. Back in Switzerland they played at Schuur Lucerne that evening. The audience has grown bigger and you really did not want them letting go after the last song. We could just start over, grinned Josh. Hey, go ahead! 😉

The concert took place downstairs, on the small stage next to the Schuur Bar. As well as for the bands, it was also a premiere for me. So far I’ve always only been to concerts in the hall upstairs. Both bands played for the first time in Lucerne and at Schuur. The first appearance in THE Lucerne concert venue – that made the whole thing even more special.

The Two Romans opened the evening

The brothers Mattia and Samuele opened the evening in a duo, accompanied only by an acoustic guitar. Otherwise with a 6 member band on tour, their concert was a little quieter this evening. The dimmed light, the small table lamps and candles created a wonderful living room atmosphere. The musicians couldn’t wish for a more attentive audience . At least Josh and his band did not seem to be used to this.

Presenting their EP trilogy

The Two Romans presented the songs of their in September completed EP trilogy. Inspired by their grandparents who have been together for more than 60 years, the Romans celebrate life with their melodic indie folk rock. To endure such a long time you have to be “Fighters”, as they sing in one of their songs. Solidarity and love play an important role as well. “I’ll be” and “Time” were among others on their setlist.

Every day of life should be consciously enjoyed. Honest and passionate with a lot of Italian temperament, they pass on this attitude of life with their music in their very own, warm and friendly way. The already relaxed atmosphere in the audience , Samuele kept easing with stories and conversations with the audience.

He held back a bit, as he explained to Josh and the band in between. He was aware that the trio was probably not understanding his Swiss-German stories. But his brother told him not to talk too much anyway, he added with a grin. He wished to have the audience a little closer to the stage for dancing though. And so he clicked classes with the spectactor that followed his request first.

That was a great start to this wonderful, musical Wednesday evening.

Josh Kumra was having fun

The Josh Kumra trio continued after a short break in about the same. Josh with his beautiful, warm voice as frontman on guitar and vocals. His girlfriend Carra was on the drums and Sam on bass. They knew how to enchant and entertain the audience. At the end of the concert they did say that maybe it was not the most professional concert they ever played, but they had a lot of fun. And you could totally tell it.

However it sounded very nice. In addition to the songs from the album “Good things come to those who don’t wait”, they played several new songs, but also covers such as “Mango Tree” by Angus & Julia Stone and “Soldier” by The Killers. Also the audience was asked to sing along. Between the songs there were stories, such as  how “Mother” became a Mother’s Day present at short notice. “The River” was on the way on an USB stick as a message in a bottle – and was actually found.

But there were always remarks and taunts, discussions with the audience, conversations and comments just in the middle of songs. It became more and more fun and jolly from song to song. So that Josh eventually sent Carra and Sam off the stage to take a break and play a quieter song alone. But he did not start until he had sent his bandmates to the bar with a drink order. 

Switzerland seems different

Especially during such quieter songs and moments, the band seemed surprised at how quiet the audience was and listened attentively. Wondering whether they were liked now or not. That was always so different in the UK, we were told. Some would beat each other in front of the stage and the others breakdance, Josh was joking. There was a lot of laughter in general.

Josh kept checking if we knew about Angus & Julia Stone or The Killers. Which everyone eagerly affirmed. He discussed with a concert visitor, if he should cover the killer song at all. However, no one seemed to have heard of Wretch32 before. Even the song “Don’t go” released together with him,  was the most successful one.

At the end, “The Answer” – according to Josh “The only song they know!” – could clearly not be missed. And when they were at the end of the set with “Better Man”, but the audience wanted more, they repeated “Don’t Go” as an encore. The two men, one after the other, simply left Carra on her drums back on stage and let her finish the song on her own …

Better than last time

Great band combination, super voices and wonderful songs: This were two great concerts with a very pleasant audience.  So being asked, I had to admit to them that I had liked the Josh Kumra concert better that evening than back at Soho. At Schuur just everything generally matched.

I hope I do not have to wait a year until I see the trio live again. But at least The Two Romans are all over Switzerland on tour and play a concert in Lucerne in April again. Then even with the full band. Information and dates can be found on

Info about Josh Kumra can be found on or on Facebook.




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