Josh Kumra in Wangen

I almost fell off the chair, when I found out – I believe it was even via twitter – that Josh Kumra was returning to Switzerland – and even to Wangen an der Aare. I made sure several x times that I really did read right. Josh Kumra back in Switzerland? And at Soho… in Wangen? Oh! Wow! I never would have expected this (anymore).

Josh Kumra is a young British singer/songwriter, I’ve seen  for the first time as a support of OneRepublic. That was back in 2013 at Komplex457 in Zurich. Wonerful warm voice with high recognition, super nice lyrics and melodies. I immediately liked him and got his album “Good Things Come To Those Who Don’t Wait” streight after. Of course in deluxe version! Josh did work for it with several well-known musician and prducers, among them Emeli Sandé. And in collaboration with Wretch32 his song “Don’t go” made it to number 1 at UK charts few years ago. Sadly this stayed his only performance in Switzerland. Josh didn’t return – well, til now, about 4 years later.

He was sorry, but he was the perfect target on this evening, Josh did apologize grinning to his brother Jake. He sat on the side in the dark and had to take the fall for his on stage standing brother’s jokes. But there weren’t that many other target subject available. As expected, there were just a handfull of visitors (literally). Why? Neither the concert location nor Josh are enough known in Switzerland at the moment. But as a concert visitor nicely mentioned: Better a few being there with heart, than many not listening. That’s what I say, but that’s not necessarily bringing the musicians back later. But they weren’t put off by.

Josh Kumra came with Sam, on bass, and girlfriend Cara, on the drums. It was their last concert of a short Swiss tour. The same week they had played Montreux, Wil and Baden. And yes, I found it a little special, that they played just in these places, but these concerts were quite well visited. The trio started the concert with “White & Black” from the debut album. After the first songs Josh dedicated a title to his brother and said, that with this number of listeners, he could dedicate one to everyone. That’s when they played “Mango treet” to me. Who wouldn’t love that?! 🙂

Josh hadn’t been deedless in these four years, but next to his job and the concerts at home, he had worked on new songs for a second album. And they introdueced us to many tracks from this. That could eventually go all wrong, but as they were knew, we might not even notice. “Mother” was one of these new ones, that Josh rapidely had written as a mother’s day present and kept joking that his mother hadn’t liked it a lot. He played titles as “Oak tree” or “The River”. And next to the one for his girlfriend, of course more songs from the in 2013 released album followed. On this album you can also find “The Answer” [Video here] ,that was already played on Swiss radios. With this and the promise to return very soon, they ended a wonderful concert evening. And it for sure shouldn’t take another 4 years to the next Swiss concert.

Well, maybe it’s rather “Good things come to those who wait” after all. After the many years, I could experience a great evening – one for heart and soul. Of course I hope on a quick return, but til then I at least got the selfmade EP, they gave away to their audience afterwards, to bridge the time gap.

Have a listen to Josh Kumra and come by the next time.

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