Michael Schulte at Papiersaal Zurich

After I had seen Max Giesinger two weeks earlier at Kaufleuten (see photo gallery), I was even more looking forward to finally see Michael Schulte on stage too for the first time. Since the two of them took part at the first season of The Voice Of Germany (TVOG), both of them just belong together in a way. That‘s probably because the two of them became friends through TVOG and you keep seeing them together all the time. Well, Michael Schulte‘s first headliner concert was different than expected, but still incredibly beautiful.

Back to the start

Originally I had expected a fullband concert of Michael Schulte. So I‘d be able to listen to all the soulfull, roomfilling ballades and catchy popsongs with the fullest energy of a complete band. But for a fullband concert the stage was too empty and so it was little surprising that the 28 years old musician – even without any support ahead – appeared all alone on the small Papiersaal stage shortly after 8 pm.

Well, in 2016 Michael had already performed in Zurich with German DJ Alle Farben. Back then he was a guest in a 6 hours DJ session between 11 pm and 5 am. He couldn‘t do this anymore nowadays, he was laughing. He was too old for it 😉 With good humor, charming stories, clear voice and lots of emotions the curly head was leading through his programme.

His first Swiss headline show he started with „Heard You Crying“ and continued with „Collide“. Only he and his voice accompaigned by an accoustic guitar. Sure he knew himself that it was  sounding differently than usually with the full band. He was back to the start as he used to perform this way in the early days. Few years ago he played a 20 shows acoustic tour in this way – in a small and intimate setting. Such performances didn‘t happen that often anymore, but he liked them. The audience obviously too as they kept listening to his songs as quite as church mice. He told us about how he wrote „You‘ll Be Okay“ on a train ride, even he actually doesn’t like travelling by train. Part of the programme also were „Rock and Scissors“, „End Of My Days“ or the beautiful „You Said You‘d Grow Old With me“. To the latest one he often gets feedbacks about how much it means to people.

Back then in 2008 Michael Schulte was one of the first German musician who uploaded cover songs to YouTube starting their career this way. So of course a cover of his favourite artist couldn‘t be missed – the Bon Iver version of „ I Can‘t Make You Love Me“.

From The Voice Of Germany to Eurovision Song Contest

Since taking part at the first The Voice Of Germany season, where he became 3rd ahead of his friend Max Giesinger, many highlights private and professionally were added. Especially the last 2,5 years brought the biggest changes: Privately Michael has married his girlfriend and got with son Luis the first child. By the way, the little one had turned only the night before to day time again.

And musically Michael managed last year, what many in his home country hadn‘t believed in in a long time: With „You Let Me Walk Alone“ he reached at ESC 2018 no. 4 for Germany. So he kept praising Luca Hänni’s song for Switzerlans during his tellings and predicted a high ranking for us. At Papiersaal none else was this optimisic though. So Michael encouraged that the Germans were as negative before he had taken part. Well, we‘ll see 😉

He announced his ESC song as the last song then. It‘s when a guy in the audience cheered just a little too loudly and made everyone laugh. He was target of all the gags for the rest of the show then. But at the end of the evening I’m pretty sure he and all the other guys sure had enjoyed the concert too.

With „Holding Back The Fire“ Michael Schulte said goodbye. He hopefully will return soon again, maybe even with the full band. Or how about a double concert with Max Giesinger?



1. Heard You Crying
2. Collide
3. The Night Is Young
4. The Maze
5. Rock And Scissors
6. End Of My Days
7. Take It All Away
8. I Can’t Make You Love Me (Bon Iver Cover)
9. You Said You’d Grow Old With Me
10. You’ll BBe Okay
11. Back To The Start
12. Zombie
13. Take Me As I Am
14. You Let Me Walk Alone
15. Holding Back The Fire


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