Nils Burriat Brüggli Bar

A small, comfortable bar at the end of the Selve area in Thun. I was at Brüggli Bar for the first time and barely can believe, that I’ve never been there before. Nils Burri Trio luckily brought us there.

Ok, it’s directly next to the railway and in regular spans trains are passing. You barely notice them, at least not in the audience. If you are standing on stage, you probably notice the slight jolting. A black elegant fence with antic lanterns are surrounding the location. So the huge “birdcage” belongs into this area, you regularly pass. next to the entrance there are two mighty stone lions. With good weather I imagine it must be wonderful to sit outside there. With the special architecture, the arcs, the light walls the building already is inviting from the outside. The fair wood of the inside and the elegant, black seats as well as the bar invite to stay. It’s just nice there! Who wants can eat something or play some table soccer. Yes, of course we had to test this. It promised to become a great evening – and it was.

The stage was ready. With “Good Day” the three of them started their two part set obviously a little later than planned. Whilst they were quite during summer, the three of them are back with many new songs now. Nils, Dave and Philipp played their songs with jazzy, bass or drum solos. And drummer Dave showed us with a chosen one from the audience during “Part Of Me” his dancing skills. We had a lot to laugh about, sing along and esp. to enjoy. Just sitting there, listening, unwinding. They told us about band rehearsals and the prejudice of musician sleeping till 11 am. The bass player was forced to make an announcement for “Heroes” and avowed himself to be a hero. Yes, the three of them are really little “heroes”. Next to wonderful ballades, they played great uptempo ones.

As said, it was a funny and very nice evening. That’s meant to be repeated and preferably at Brüggli Bar again. It’s just wonderful there.

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