Pablopolar at night of research

I barely had any plans this autumn. But of course Pablopolar then announced after long, concertless months a show on the day of Energy Air. But hey, it was clear – all plans would simply be cancelled, if it wouldn’t arrange with the Pablopolar concert. But why not see ALL of it, if possible? Spontanioulsy seeing Kodaline at the special accustig sesssion at Swisscom shop and then to Energy Air, because Pablpolar didn’t performe before 11 pm.

On occasion of the “night of research” at Uni Bern five of Pablpolar were standing on stage. In a white party tent on grosse Schanze. What “night of researche” actually exactly was and offered, I of course did miss. I was still flashed from the whole day. Again going through “Sleewalker Tour”, everything else of that day was not important enough.

On stage the band was standing, I was surrounded by friends. With the first soft tones of the trumpete, the heartwarming lights, joy did spread in me. The heart beating with “Guiding Light”, the longing that came with “Monterey Bay”, my all time favourite “A Thousand Years” or “Long Distance Call” that always causes goosebumps. And inbetween the curiosity and anticipation for the new songs, that were over way too soon. And there you are overwhelmed, becuase not only the new songs were over so quickly but the whole concert. If it would have been for me, it could have taken the whole night.

And even if Kodaline almost took my breah and Energy Air was quite cool, it was still best at Pablopolar’s concert. And I wouldn’t have wanted to miss this for anything in the world.

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