Pablopolar at Turnhalle Bern

Pablopolar @ Turnhalle Bern

On Saturday it was already 1 year since the 2nd album of Pablopolar, “Sleepwalker”, was released. I didn’t realize at all until Manu mentioned it at their final concert. Couldn’t be that the year was over again? Do you know that too, that all the memories suddendly come up again and pass? I do remember, how I was on the way to the Caroline Chevin concert in Lyss a year ago, but quickly went home to get the new Pablopolar album out of my mailbox. After all I was told, that there was going to be a surprise inside for me. Surprise was a lot understated (read here). As if it was yesterday…

It’s a little sad that the Sleepwalker tour is going to end for good now… after all out of 21 tour concerts I went to 14. Human is a crature of habit – Pablopolar concerts are simply part of it now. CD release concert at Dachstock Bern [Video & photos], big openairs (ZOA was fantastic!! [Video &photos]), small clubs (Baden oder Herzogenbuchsee), iconic concert locations (Mokka oder Mühle Hunziken ) or backyards (Q-Hof in Bern), trip into the mountains to Davos – there was everything. So much fun. The Sleepwalker movie project [Videos are on Pablopolar’s Youtube] not to forget of course and then there was the bass player change – Rafael left the band in September, Julian is playing since. Loads happened.

The final concert at Turnahlle Bern is really nice. The vibes super. The location at Progr in Bern, is not called Turnhalle (gym) just like that, but it used to be one. There’s even still a basketball basket. I still don’t like Matto Rules much though and won’t change I think. I wasn’t too happy about the support announcement. Well, that’s the way it is. Even listening a second time it didn’t make it better. But in the end it’s a matter of taste. The concert started late. Support act only around 10 pm. Pablopolar played then… umm, no clue when it was. Just after. Around 11 pm or so. I made my way to the front. First I was thinking about staying at the mixing table, where I just was – but then ‘no, let’s not start anyting new for the last concert’ 😉 The Turnhalle was well crowded. At the top, downstairs, on the stairs, right and left. Dominik and Roger were part of the final concert again as well – so the small light was lighting up on stage, when the trumpet intro started the concert . And we got “Black Marlin” as a duo with female support. “Guiding Light”, “Monterey Bay”, “Empty House”, “Mountain of snow”, “Any Minute Now”, “Peter Pan”, “Long Distance Call”… during the last one I indeed had to gulp. Concerts, that shouldn’t end, are usually over way too soon. It continued with a party afterwards. But me and parties… it’s not some.

Thanks Pablopolar for your music, the grat concerts and an amazing year! 🙂

I guess now we must wait…

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