Seafret at Plaza Zurich

I barely saw the last 1-2 songs of the Czech indie folk pop duo Teepee before they already changed for Seafret. I stayed at the back of the audience, even the sound in the niches behind the mixing table didn’t seem to be the best. I haven’t really believed in it yet, but this invisible threat, which apparently had arrived Switzerland in the meantime too, was irritating. But Seafret were definitely going to make it a little bit easier for us for this one evening …

Covid-19: Events ban

On Friday before the Seafret concert, the government had banned all events across Switzerland with 1,000 or more people for 2 weeks . It is hoped to stop the spread of the coronavirus. All events below were left to the responsibility of the cantons, organizers and event visitors. That’s why it’s a little bit different everywhere. In Zurich, everything under 1000 people continued to take place on this evening – including the long-awaited concert by the British duo Seafret from East Yorkshire. After a long back and forth, I had dared to go at the last moment. To throw the ticket into the wind and miss Seafret? My heart was bleeding at the thought of it. If you try to keep your distance, it should work?

Most Of Us Are Strangers

One should not get too close to strangers because of the virus. So it felt a little strange that Seafret started their show with their new, melancholic album song “Most Of Us Are Strangers”. The intimate, disturbing and explosive mood that Seafret evoke with their gentle, hypnotizing melodies, the touching lyrics and singer Jack’s haunting voice once again triggered these almost indescribable emotions. There is always a kind of despair and desolation creeping into the heart, but also this huge feeling of happiness: For example my all-time favorite “Wildfire”, “Tell Me It’s Real”, but also the new “Love Won’t Let Me Leave” ”.

Seen for the first time on a stage in 2016 as a support act of Kodaline in London, I was happy to see Jack Sedman and Harry Draper alias Seafret live with us in Switzerland for the third time. Goosebumps were on the program! But this time they were with drummer Aaron Haigh even a trio!

Shortly before the release of their highly anticipated second album “Most Of Us Are Strangers” (release date: 13.03.2020), the songwriter duo also presented their new songs that evening in Zurich during their 23 shows tour. The new songs are often more dynamic, structured and more groovy. However, they have remained true to the mix of soft acoustic rock and soulful indie with which they thrilled their fans from the very beginning.

Lost in lights and sound

The two were not really talkative, but with a few stories and a joke every now and then they made the audience smile. Single shouts kept coming from the intoxicated crowd. Harry sometimes gripped his guitar strings so vigorously that they did not all survive until the end of the concert. Seafret knew how to captivate young and old. But with the matching, colorful light show, it was way too easy to get lost in their sound.


Info about Seafret can be found here:
Info about Teepee you get here:

Setlist Seafret:
  1. Most Of Us Are Strangers
  2. Love won’t let me leave
  3. Beauty on the breeze
  4. Wildfire
  5. Atlantis
  6. Lie to me
  7. Loving you
  8. Tell Me it’s real
  9. Girl I wish I didn’t know
  10. Stay
  11. Unbreakable
  12. Fall
  13. Monsters
  14. Magnetic
  15. Be There
  16. Oceans
  17. Be my queen



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