Stress in Thun

After album release last November, Stress went on big spring tour through Switzerland. He also came to Thun. And so I was very curious how this would turn out.

After the KKL concert in December I had to lower my expectations. Stress and his group always create good atmosphere, but honestly, concerts in Thun are always difficult, in general cos of the audience not necessaraly good. There are few exceptions, esp. if local bands are playing. But otherwise I often prefer driving arcross Switzerland – Bern, Solothurn, Zurich, Luzern… not that I am not happy, if my favourite bands and musician come to Thun. So I don’t have to go far and can be back home early. That’s great of course!

By my standards I was running late (generally 1 hour before doors open, depending on the band), but about half an hour before doors opened I was still almost on my own at the place. Surprisingly KKT even opened doors earlier than announced. So I walked calmly into front row. I probably never was able to do so at a Stress concert before. I alredy feared the worst. Occasionally spectactors scuffed their feet into the hall and finally it was only about half crowded. It wasn’t better with Baschi back then though.

© Stress, VÖ: 28.11.2014
© Stress, VÖ: 28.11.2014

Support Act was Mimiks, who was on stage with two mates – a DJ plus his fellow rapper Pablo. I just don’t like their music, so I wasn’t much into it. But I felt almost a litle sorry for them. They almost bent over backwards to make people join in and rock the KKT. So they had quite a hard time as a support act. But obviously it already got around that it can be difficult in thun. Maybe the expectaions weren’t that high then? How high are such expectaions in general anyway, if you get up on a stage? Especially if you are supporting act, that most probably may not know yet?

Well, Stress wouldn’t be Stress, if he hadn’t made Thun rock somehow. With Karolyn, Mam and the band they did storm the stage and really took off. Specially on stage, but even in the audience. Of course no comparsion to the concert at KKL Luzern last December with all the guests, that have joined and all the screaming teens in the audience… but it was finally loads of fun again even here in Thun. The trio did bomb down the stage, the guitar player right behind them. This group is rather crazy, but that’s one of the reasons why Stress concerts are so much fun. There’s always a lot of action.

The setlist was about the same as in Luzern. Energetic the show started again with “Noir” [Video here] from the actual album and continued with the well-known “Au Poste”. The parts, that were sung in Luzern by the guests, were taken over by Karolyn. For “Futur” Mimiks joined himself. Songs as “Love You When I’m High”, “C’est réel”, “Saint Profit” or the new version of “Tous les mêmes” of course weren’t missing. They even managed to part the audience in the middle. And Stress always takes good care of his audience, so as always he gave out waterbottles during the concert. Inbetween Karolyn presented with her two dancers two of her own songs from her EP “Désobéissance Chapitre I”.

But the evening continued after. Gleiswerk, a new nightclub in Thun, hosted the official aftershowparty of Stress. First a showcase was announced, but this was changed then and didn’t happen like this. The queue in front of the door was so long, first I thought I possibly wouldn’t get in. Stress was standing on stage with the DJ then and his whole crew was present. Even I am usually no clubber, it turned out into a really good partynight!

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