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The Indie-Rock-Band Sunset Sons, with their four members from UK and Australia, released with their debut album “Very Rarely Say Die” a great summer soundtrack and introduced their melodic, hymnal songs during their European Tour also in Bern. The sound reminds of Maroon 5 or Kings of Leon. No wonder, as the Kings of Leon producer Jacquire King worked with them. An album to relax and enjoy the summer. Unfortunately the audience seemed not to be in summer mood yet and barely let themselves carry away. On that evening there was just way too much talking and not enough listening.

Fascinating, when a band only released their debut album and fills a Bierhubeli so well. They are known by now and so the album was long overdue. But they also were very busy touring festivals last summer and even on big tour as a support of Imagine Dragons. The young Australian singer/songwriter Hein Cooper opened the evening. He was standing on stage alone with guitare, loopstation and synthies. The rather electronical songs I didn’t like too much, the accoustic ones though were quite good. He won’t become my favourite, but it was okay to listen to him. But this obviously did the fewest. It was so much talking in the location, that I often had troubles in front row to hear Hein cooper singing and to understand him at all. He did totally drown in the chattering. Umm, excuse me, but I hadn’t paid to hear all your blabber!

After 9pm Sunset Sons started then. Sunset Sons are Rory Williams (lead vocals and keys), Jed Laidlaw (drums), Robin Widram (guitare) and Pete Harper (bass). I have discovered the band last summer on tent stage at Gurtenfestival and was immediately totally thrilled. The four surfer guys met each other in France and founded the band there.

They started their 1 hour show with “Know My Name”, the first track of their debut. It was followed by a

Sunset Sons - Very rarely say die | © Sunset Sons
Sunset Sons – Very rarely say die |
© Sunset Sons

great setlist, that included among others my favourite “September Song”, “Tic Toc” or also “Gold”. Frontman Rory kept hitting the keys, seemed to be moving constantly and animated the audience to go along. I was under their spell immediately, so wouldn’t really realize that there was still a lot of talking esp. in the back. The concert first didn’t really seem to gain monumentum. Inbetween there were 2-3 songs like “She Wants” or “Remember”, the audience knew and it happened they’d sing along, but strictly speaking it took about the whole concert, until things hot up with the encore. When Frontguy Rory jumped into the audience, everyone finally seemed to be at it. With “I Can’t Wait”, “Bring The Lights” and “On The Road”, that were part of the encore, the vibes were finally there – but the concert at the end. I would have loved to see the concert the day before in Zurich to compare, but if half of the audience is talking, there can’t be any vibes…

In the end, I had loved to listen to the guys so much, but didn’t think the atmosphere was very great for most of the concert. Sunset Sons were there for a chat and to take pictures afterwards. Seem to be four nice and relaxed guys, the way you would imagine listening to their music. The band is playing this summer at St. Gallen Openair by the way. Hopefully the atmosphere will be better there with less talking in the audience.

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